There's a quiet peacefulness as dusk descend on the land. A small floodlight comes on about 10 feet up the silver maple tree overlooking the lake. The soft light shines in a muted fashion over the snow on the lake. Through the trees, the neighbor's airstrip - quite more advanced than other farmers' aristrips - is lit up with bright lights outlining the landing area. Inside my cottage, the fire in the woodstove crackles with warmth after I've been gone all afternoon. I finish my homemade soup and sit on the couch, absorbing the softly lit snow scene all around me. Dark trees surround the lake, outling the shore.

Looking across the lake to where the house-on-the-hill will be, I imagine the house rising up 2x4 by 2x4. I try to picture those who will make the trek from Chicago or suburbs to help raise the sides of the house or pick up rocks in Willow Creek for the cottage's stone fireplace. I try to picture you. This is the time for dreams. Spring will be here soon enough and then, oh yes, there will be almost  TOO much to do.

Time for a cup of hot chocolate and more dreaming. The video I want to put together will have to wait until another time. Good night all.
cottage on the land


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