Yes, we're making progress!

Yesterday, Dave H.  received a call from someone near Dixon, IL who has a corn crib to tear down. Actually the barn belongs to this fellow's father, so we'll see if it works out or not. We were so excited to receive the call! It this one doesn't work out, another one will! House-on-the-Hill, here we come!

I already told you I signed up the property with the Illinois Film Office. Now Jeff Wolfe (my great website developer!) will be adding a tab on my website called "Movie Site" or some such thing. I want to promote the land and share it with others - and what a wonderful way to do so!

Dave Hauryand I partially cut down a dead mulberry tree on the  building site over the weekend. Not only does it clean up the site, but I am burning it right  now as I write this. Nothing goes to waste on The Land!

Linda Turner is spreading the word about my website to  her friends, D.S. Vanderbilt continues to help me get my video ready to add to my website and YouTube, and Smitty (out here fishing today) brought me a CD with more fishing pictures taken on my pond last year, including the Catfish video D.S. and I are putting into my video. It won't be long, folks, before you can see it right here!

I asked Smitty if he and Chris would be out next week during the SuperBowl. He said they have another pond to go to, but they love coming to this pond because "it's so peaceful."  "It is, isn't it?" I responded.  Especially today. The sun was out, the thermometer tried to reach 28 degrees,  there wasn't too much wind, and it was just plain calm and beautiful out here today. I even took a shower in the greenhouse. It registered 70 degrees in there, but I can tell you this 70 degrees is not the same 70 degrees in warmer weather! It was a very cool shower.

The fire is crackling in the woodstove, I've done the dishes, and now its time to retire (wrapped in my long  underwear and long flannel nightgown!) and watch Miss Marple on DVD. How I aspire to be like Miss Marple someday. Maybe AFTER I build The House-on-the-Hill!

Good-night, dear Reader, good-night!



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