More grey skies with the ever expanding scene of white, white, white. How different it is fromsummer with all its glorious colors - flowers of every hue, vegetable plants laden with bright red tomatoes, green peppers, purple eggplants, long skinny green beans - ah! what a difference between the seasons!

Now we chafe to be more active outside,when in summer all we want to do is sit down for a spell, or hide out in the house with a good book! Who am I to grouse?  I have such a gorgeous place to contemplate all I will be doing this spring and summer.

Yesterday was a fun day. I drove up to Wisconsin to a little town outside of Janesville (I must confess I like the  name "Janesville"). There is an interesting antique  shop on Route 14. Huey P. Long owns it. I am not kidding..he is REALLY related to Huey P. Long, infamous from Louisiana! He said he may be getting in some single pane church windows soon. Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I?

Dear Reader, please don't be confused here. As we collect materials for the main house-on-the-hill, I am going to "practice" by building a small chapel in honor of JJ, my son who passed away 3 years ago at 32 years of age. JJ was a prince of a man, and I miss him so! A small chapel near the house-to-be will be a beautiful addition to the hill. Please see the photo below - if I'm lucky enough to import it - which was taken from an issue of  Country Living magazine - one of my very favorite magazines.

I'm not sure if the chapel will look like this or not, but it captures what I want it to look like. The Presbyterians in Paw Paw miss me in church every week, so I can't say I'm a practicing anything, but I do know I have a deep connection to spirit - and I feel it ever so much out here on the Land. Somehow I feel this chapel will connect everything in my life. It's something I feel I need to do. Do you understand, dear Reader?

Another exciting thing happened yesterday on the way back to Illinois. I bought a hand pump! I stopped at Farm & Fleet - or as one of my more citified friends calls it - "Blaines" - to see if they have a pitcher pump for  the sand point well Dave H. literally pounded 22 feet into the ground last summer. (Now that calls for real muscle!) Farm & Fleet didn't have it, and I was directed to a plumbing supply store. The man behind the counter looked up the part and yes, they had one.

"I'm thinking of getting one, too," he said.

"You are? Why? Do you have a sand point well, too?"

"No, I don't. ...Because of 2012," he responded.

And therein lies another tale. After I heard his version of what is going to happen in 2012 (he's read all kinds of things on the Internet and watched videos...oh my!), all I want to do is run for the hills. But I'm going to let 2012 go - and all the fears everyone has about that year. I am concentrating on "now" and the future will be what it will be. I'm just happy to have my hand pump for my hand-pounded well. I haven't used the well yet, but maybe one of these days I will. It's on the house site, but it isn't a "real" well, and will never produce enough water to be used in the house.'s there.

Later on I went over to D.S. Vanderbilt's home in Paw Paw for more work on the video. You would think by now it would be done. It's only 4 minutes long! But D.S. was tired (he's going to have heart surgery in March), and I didn't want to add to his burden any further. So, after about an hour and a half, with it still not falling into place, I left everything in D.S.' capable hands. I have a feeling today my video will be done! Of course, you, Dear Reader, will be able to see it on my website as soon as it is! I am thrilled with what D.S. is doing with it. It looks, indeed, so much more professional than I would have made it!

So there you have it! Yesterday was a wonderful day!

It's suppose to be in the 30's today. Dear Reader, may you have a wonderful day today!


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