8AM Monday morning (written yesterday)

A light snow is falling, the sun is shining (yes, at the same time), and there goes my Farmall Cub...hoisted onto the back of Leffelman's flat bed. Down the lane it goes! I called them only 45 minutes ago. Amboy is about 35-40 minutes away, so the Leffelman crew didn't waste any time, did they? Good ol' Leffelman's!

Dave is on his way here with the Farmall battery, but too late! My Cub is already gone. Dave always takes out the battery for winter but Leffelman's assured me they have a battery they can use.

Now the sun is out stronger, higher still inthe sky. Spring IS coming!

Dave not only brought the battery, he also stopped by Alana's and picked up two end tables. These are being donated to The-House-on-the-Hill project by Alana (and Dororthy Carnahan). With a little rearranging, I am able to use one by my sofa. Presto! It fits right in. It actually looks better than what I had before.

Dave gets ready to leave. "Nice little place," he says after hanging Linda Turner's framed one dollar bill for "The House-on-the-Hill Fund" on the wall next to the new end table.

"Yes, it is," I quietly agree as I survey the room.

After Dave leaves and after cleaning up a bit more, I spot a small scrap of paper I must have cut out of a magazine. "Life too hectic? Have your people call our people."

I laugh out loud. Of course, dear Reader, you have no idea why I cut those words out, so let me explain.

While in high school and early college days, before she met and fell in love with dear Jeff Wolfe, my oldest niece Nicki used to call me often. She was, then, just developing into one of the world's most premier businesswomen. (Move over Donald Trump! And she's nice, too! You could take some lessons from her, The Donald.)

Anyway...Nicki, who speaks almost fastser than the ear can hear, would always end our rather spirited conversations with "Have your people call my people. We'll do lunch." That little slip of paper I found brought it all back to me! Ah! Those were the days!

Dear Reader, you are getting to know my family and friends one-by one. I do hope you love them as much as I do!

Speaking of my family...I just heard from Jeff Wolfe (website designer extraordinaire). Rascal Flatts is the vocalist/group that sings "My Wish," which you hear when you view the slideshow of the Land. What inspiring words!

To brag a bit more, my youngest niece, Britney, participated in a fundraiser for the victims of Haiti's earthquake  on Saturday night. The dance clubs from several area high schools (in Mesa, AZ) get together and dance for a cause every year. This year it was for Haiti. How giving of these high-schoolers!


The snow has started, and it sounds as though we're in for quite a bit. No worries here. I've got lots of dry firewood in the garage, a great woodstove to heat up the cottage and - if the electricity goes out - I've got food I can warm on the woodstove. So I'll snuggle in and enjoy the snow. 

To quote Rascal Flatts, "My wish for you is that life becomes all that you want it to!"



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