The snow is lightly falling this morning, making everything look fresh and white. There is something about new snow, gently covering up the dirt and black smudges of used snow. What a beautiful scene to wake up to!

Yes, more good things are happening. Dear Alana is donating a generator for my build-a-House-on-the-Hill project! As you know, there is no electricity on the south side of the pond off of Beemerville Road. I will need some kind of electricity there, and  until I can buy a solar panel or two, the generator will be a great addition! The only thing is...it doesn't work. So, Dave H. is going to donate his time and materials to fix it. What wonderful friends I have!

Speaking of wonderful friends, D. S. Vanderbilt donated more of his time yesterday to help me with my video. My computer won't send the information to his computer, so we didn't progress very far. I decided I could finish the entire thing myself (ah, how silly I was), and came home to work on it. I spent hours and hours trying to ujpload the now completed video to YouTube, only to find out it would take 15 hours to upload it! Something is very wrong with my understanding of Microsoft Window Maker! So, as D. S. wanted to put it all on his computer anyway...and use his great software to make my video, I have come to my senses (after a very long night), and will take him up on his offer. Hopefully today, with this lovely snow, we can film (with his camera) the view I hope to convey in my video. It will go ever so much faster, and will look ever so much more professional if I just turn it over to D.S.!

Ah, there goes the squirrel again, running in front of the cottage with a partial corn cob in his mouth. What a busy squirrel he is as the soft snowflakes piling up so quickly!

It is so beautiful out here today.  How fortunate I am to view this scene and to be here right now. I am not even wishing for spring. I am just enjoying this time as it unfolds in front of me. That is what the Land is all about - teaching me to enjoy each moment as it is. I forget this valuable lesson often, but the Land is always here to teach me such simple, yet deep, values. Oh, Dear Reader, if only you were here!

Hopefully you will be able to make the trek out here someday...but in the meantime I will keep you apprised of what is happening as we "sled" along toward building the  House-on-the-Hill.

Happy Groundhog Day!


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