It's been quite a day out here at Willow Creek Organic Farm. Even though we thankfully did not have a foot of snow, the 3-4 inches that did fall is beautiful. I took some early dawn photos today to share with you, dear Reader. Although I was all cozy in the cottage looking out at the vast white-ness, the scene drew me outside. A lovely day, indeed.

In one photo taken from the upstairs window, you will notice the lake has one ice fishing hole that never closed up all night. All the other fishing holes were closed over, except this one. I think it's waiting for Chris and Smitty to return!

Speaking of fishermen...(there I go again!)...Smitty sent me a photo of the first fish he caught with a "tip up." I have asked him for permission to use it in my blog, but as I just sent the email to him, I will not use it this time around. And what's a tip-up anyway? So much to learn, so little time!

And there's more good news! Ed Begley, Jr. responded to Alana's email about building the House-on-the-Hill! Alana was a bit disappointed because Ed did not jump right in and say he would love to film the building of the house. She's not giving up on this idea, either. You go, Alana!

I am thrilled Ed responded! And he does have some great suggestions. Here is Ed's email:

Well, my suggestion would be to work with a good architect on passive solar design, possibly use either SIP or ICF construction for top notch insulation.  For solar, work with Chad Lampkin at Michigan Energy Works - he's the best in the biz in your neck of the woods.  Best of luck on the project. ed

How sweet of him to respond. And good ideas, too, although they don't sound "low-cost." I will get in touch with Chad Lampkin, just to introduce myself, and tell him Ed Begley, Jr. recommended him. As for a good architect on passive solar design, I have no idea who would be good in that field around here. I want a traditional looking cape cod, if I can, but one that has a lot of windows across the south (as Randy suggested). So much to think about! So much fun! If you have any suggestions, dear Reader, please email me at ajheim@earthlink.net. I would love to hear from you. Brainstorming is encouraged, too!

All this excitement helped me get though a long day of preparing my taxes. I meet with my CPA (why anyone in my financial category would have a CPA is beyond me...it's almost laughable) this week. I like getting undesirable things - like taxes - out of the way as quickly as possible.

So...it's still winter, but we all know it can't last forever. Dear Reader, I sound like a broken record...but enjoy the snow!


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