This morning two squirrels were chasing each other in front of the cottage. I thought perhaps spring had sprung...but no, I believe it's a turf war. All the little creatures are hungry at this time of the year...and Mr. Outside Squirrel had entered Squirrely's territory. A big no-no! Mr. Outside Squirrel was chased back to his own territory. All I can say is (Rodney King, again), "Can't ... we all ... just ... get along?"

I received two great emails in the last 24 hours. Both of them are exciting. Smitty emailed me, giving me permission to use his picture of the "tip up" bass. (Photo above.) He offered to show me what a tip up is, next time they are out. He and Chris also offered their services for moving the purple picnic table from one side of the lake to the other ... via their homemade sled! How thoughtful! I will take them up on it, and of course, dear Reader, I will share the photos with you so you can see the process!

All this talk about moving the purple picnic table  has led me to second guess my plan of having it placed on the spit of land east of the lake.  As I was working nearby today, I realized I really like the view of Willow Creek that is now visible. Would Chris and Smitty mind moving the picnic table just a bit farther? And then...oh and then....I started thinking how nice it would be to have a picnic table on top of the hill right in the future "breakfast room" of the House-on-the-Hill.  Yikes, I need more picnic tables!

Remember I told you Ed Begley, Jr. had emailed Alana and recommended Chad Lamplin of Michigan Energy Works? Chad emailed me right back after I contacted him yesterday. Here is what he had to say:

"Dear Jane,
What a nice surprise to open your email!  Yes, Ed is a very good friend and customer of mine.  He has one of my larger Solar Electric systems and truly walks the talk when it comes to "Living Green".  He is so genuine and generous.

Please feel free to contact me early on about your new home.  We have had lots of experience through our large customer base in some 30 states since 1982 when I started the business.  We can lend some advice on straw bale construction, energy efficient washing machines, lighting, refrigeration, ways to heat your new home efficiently and comfortably, good ventilation, wind generators, solar hot water systems etc.  I have also owned an electric car since 1980.

We still talk for FREE! Please call soon and get us involved in your project.  It usually takes two years and sometimes as much as 6 years from first contact to starting a project.  I have been working on Ed's system for at least ten years and maybe even 15. Michigan Energy Works is a small company of three people located at 6473 Bowen Road, Saranac, Michigan 48881..."

I am so energized by all of this! I feel like the community for the House-on-the-Hill is developing almost on its own! And you are all such wonderful people. This is fun!

All this excitement leads me to dream BIG dreams ... like having Rascal Flatts perform at the grand finale of building the House-on-the-Hill, singing "My Wish," (of course!). Maybe if I write to Rascal Flatts...well...you never know what can happen!

Not so much fun today was getting my taxes done, but at least that is out of the way. After the tax appointment, Randy Radtke met with me in Mendota and worked on my laptop so I can better work with the videos and photos I'm taking. On the way out of Mendota I spotted a replica of a small church. I thought it was simple and pretty, so I took some photos. I think I like the other chapel better for the Land, but I eagerly await your thoughts, dear Reader.

Back home to do some more pruning. My neighbor is having some heavy equipment work done on his property north of the Land, near Willow Creek. The machine looks so big, I just had to have a snapshot of it. All kinds of things are getting done out here in the superboonies!

All in all, life is good!

Nighty-night, dear Reader, nighty-night!


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