Two days of puning and cutting down small honeysuckle bushes - and the east side of the pond is starting to thin out a bit.

While I was chopping away, I had a good idea. Instead of a screen house on this spit of land, I will put Alana's purple picnic table there! (Right now the picnic table is on the lower garden area with the Heim's original picnic table.) And we'll have lots of people out to enjoy the new picnic table. I'm hoping Angela's sister and brother-in-law (Kary and Dan), their children, Gavin Jake and Olivia, will come out with Dan's brother's family. Then, of course, Alana must come for a picnic - it IS her table after all. And the fishermen (Chris and Smitty) and their wives are most welcome to use it, too! And staff at Ekana Nurseries and their family are invited, of course.  ...And don't forget when Jeff and Angela visit in June, we''ll have more picnics. Then...Angela's mother and father (Brenda and Dave) will be out in July or August  - and love to fish. So another reason for a picnic! This purple picnic table could get a lot of use!

I'm imagining all kinds of picnics out here - all summer long . This is exactly what Jack and I dreamed about years  ago - dear family and friends enjoying the Land! Life hasn't worked out as we thought it would, but perhaps this dream will finally come to be. I hope, dear Reader, you will be one of my treasured guests.

Smitty sent me two great photos of a bluegill he caught out here. I hope he doesn't mind if I include it in this blog for all of you to see. It's almost 10 inches , not as big as the huge one last year, but still...not  bad. At least Smitty and Chris are catching something! (Oh, and by the way -  nice hat, Smitty!)

I talked with a neighbor who has a small one-story barn that is leaning a bit too much, and she thinks it needs to come down, before it falls down. Dave Haury will be here tomorrow and we'll look it over and see if there is anything useable for "the build." Maybe we'll making a little progress!

I've been pouring over house plans and still haven't found just the right one that reflects Randy's (Ekana Nursery) suggestion of having a view all the way through the house from front door to back. This is going to take some time!

The sun rises higher and higher in the sky. There is no better place to feel the sun's rise -and warmth - than working next to the pond. It has been a rewarding two days of  hard work - just the kind of work I love.

I am deservedly tired ...so am bidding you adieu, dear Reader. Nighty night.


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