What a weekend it's been! Firstly, we didn't receive the 1-2 inches of snow predicted.Secondly, it didn't seem as cold as the weatherman said it would be. Thirdly, Dave H. and I really accomplished a lot of chain sawing and burning. Fourthly, Alana brought over Agnes, a lovely lady from Alana's church. Fifthly, Chris and Smitty were out again and mentioned they loved the blog, and even their wives read it. How fantastic! I am passing along the compliment they gave to Jeff Wolfe, too, for his design of my website. It IS AWESOME!

Welcome, dear Readers. It is wonderful to have you as part of "Buildthathouse.com."

On Saturday, Dave and I dragged the Farmall Cub out to the front of the cottage so Leffelman's will be able to pick it up easily. It didn't take as long as I thought. As we were finishing, up drives Alana with Agnes. I showed Agnes around the cottage (it only took a minute or two because it's so...well...tiny), and we all sat and talked for a while. Too soon they were off, and there was no other excuse but to get to work.

Work, as it turns out, happens to be a HUGE old cottonwood tree which has lain on its side on the soft earth near the creek for 15-20 years or so. It's unsightly and impedes the view of my beloved Willow Creek. I made up my mind it had to go.Good ol' Dave brought his super-duper chain saw and started in. Yesterday he only managed to cut up the smaller parts of the tree which meant he was going to have to do work today, which wasn't in the plan. But here he is,  effortlessly cutting up the trunk of that old cottonwood which has to be almost 3 feet in diameter.

Smitty and Chris came out for a little ice fishing (see fishing hut photo). I chuckled to myself when I thought of Smitty's parting words last week..."It's so quiet out here." With the noise of the chain saw and the smoke from the fire drifting toward them...I hoped they would still enjoy their day.

I had nothing to worry about with those two buddies. They always have a great time! They even took a break and stood around the fire and gabbed with us. What a delight they are. How fortunate I am to have them fish out here!

Last night Alana called and said she wanted me to have the double-seater outdoor rocker that was still at Junene's farm. Such a generous offer! So...now it's here on the Land, overlooking the lake. When the house is built, I'll move it up to the top of the hill near the new house. Those who visit will be welcome to sit in it, rocking back and forth, enjoying the scenery here in Paradise. Thank you, Alana!

Now it's late at night, and I'm tired. A good tired. It's always a good tired when you've been outdoors, working, sawing, bending, picking up twigs and branches, tending the fire, endlessly moving. As tired as I am, I still will make time, once more, to go to my website and click on the Photos at the bottom of the first page. That's where I can hear the song  playing during the slide showof photos of the Land. How I love that song! It is so uplifting, voicing many of my values. I will email Jeff Wolfe and ask him what band plays it, and what the name of it is, so I can share it with you , dear Reader.

It the meantime, good night all! Pleasant dreams!



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