I had so many things that I hadn't accomplished before I went to (an early ) bed - like writing  to you in my blog - that I woke up around midnight rarin' to go.

I tended to the woodstove, caught up on emails and ...just finished a walk around the pond at 2AM! I haven't taken an early morning walk like this in a long time. It feels marvelous! It is so quiet out, so peaceful. Even thought the sky is overcast, light reflects from the snow gently lighting up the entire Land. Quite breathtaking. I only wish you, dear Reader, could have been walking along with me. You would have loved it!

I walked up to the top of the hill, stopping in "JJ's chapel" first. (At least the outline of it.) The view to the pond, which is different from the house site view, is relaxing and sacred...as it should be. It's a perfect spot for resting the mind and soul.

Then on to the home site. I stood up on the hill, thinking of Randy's suggestions, (more on that later), and walking around "inside" my home. I think it's an ideal spot, and as all of my helpers have decreed - the house site is set in between pine trees and hills and has  a lovely view.

Randy, owner of Ekana Nurseries, came out as planned. Mike caught a flu bug from his child, and unfortunately couldn't make it. Randy loved the Land! He has such a good eye for beauty, and the Land is beautiful! He was so helpful. He loved the front of the house which looks to the pond, although he thinks more trees should be removed, as well as lower branches cut off the remaining trees to give a better view of the pond.(In the first photo above, picture the house on the north side of the Walnut Grove - with the front of the house facing the pond, and the back of the house looking toward Beemerville Road. The second photo is of Randy standing in the house site, with the pond 'way down beneath the trees. It's hard to see the pond because it's as white as all the rest of the Land. But hopefully this will help you picture the house better.)

 But what really took his eye was the view out of the south "windows," which will overlook the property toward Beemerville Road. Randy was imagining the plants and open meadow in the "back yard."  He said, (I paraphrase), "You must have windows all across the south. And when you walk in the front door (p0nd side) you should be able to see all the way through the house to the south." He's so right, of course! So...my mind is busy trying to work out a floor plan where you can see all the way through the home, and yet have different rooms. No small order! I'm open for your suggestions!

Dave showed up just after Randy left and before Jim arrived from the blacktop company that is looking for a place to dump concrete. As I've said before it sounds unglamorous to have concrete dumped on one's proeprty, but I need concrete to hold some of my washed-out banks on Willow Creek. He was here for about a half hour, and we'll see how that goes. His company is putting in a bid for a big job near the Land, and won't know for a while if they have the winning bid. There are so many companies looking for places to dump concrete, so I think it will work out. The Army Corp of Engineers says the only thing that must be done with concrete is to have the rebar cut off flush, so it doesn't allow anything to catch on it, or cause injury.

Then Dave and I cut more branches and cleared out brush in  another area around the pond. (A place for another screen house.) It is looking better and better!

All in all it was a great day! The sun surprised us again, but who's complaining? The photos below are of Jim and Dave on the "Road-Between-The-Ponds," and icicles hanging on the back of the cottage. The early morning sun was shining on the icicles and I couldn't resist a photo. They are putting on some girth!

May you have a delightful day today! I think it's time for me to get some sleep! Adieu, dear Reader, Adieu!


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