Just a short note today.
I visited with Floyd and Fran Sellers again. I am writing down Floyd's thoughts on the extinction of so many insects and plants. Floyd knows that everything is connected and if the flora and fauna go, so do we. He is a very wise man. (Photos are of Seller's cat looking at the birds on the driveway in Floyd's one-and-only "drive-through-bird-feeder," and Floyd's Banner stones from his extensive Indian artifact collection.)
While visiting the Sellers, Floyd mentioned he had 2x4's in his barn that he won't be using. I have a feeling there are quite a few of them. He told me I could have them if I wanted them. AND he would help me take down any barn I find! What a wonderful offer! The Buildthathouse community just keeps on growing!
I had to share this with you, dear Reader. I know you are just as excited as I am! Keep your fingers crossed. One of these days I'll have enough materials to build a house!

From Rascal Flatts:  "(I wish) each road leads you to where you want to go..."

Pleasant dreams!


08/28/2012 06:45

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