Ohwee! What a day! When the sun came out this afternoon, it really warmed up. And south winds, too! The snow is almost  gone!

Had a wonderful call from Matt at  Lau-Nae Winery in Red Bud, IL. That's where the 225 pounds of delicious elderberries I picked and de-stemmed last summer ended up. Yes, I (and my farm and wild harvesting) actually am responsible for the making of quite a bit of elderberry wine. They just finished  it and Matt says  - for as young as it is - the wine is really, really good! I'm so heartened to hear that! I worked hard - and loved it!

Matt will be dropping off some bottles for me as  a gift. Alice Zeman ordered a whole case for Christmas presents for dear friends who have helped her. As the wine wasn't ready for Christmas, Matt is dropping off her case and my wine at the same time. Alice is very instrumental in  making the wine, too, as she was kind enough to let me use  most of her freezer to store the elderberries as I destemmed them (before Matt picked them up). I enjoyed rushing to Alice's farm with a bags of elderberries every day or two. We'd chat for a while and then off I would go...until the next time. Alice was a dear to put up with such craziness!

So we both feel quite a part of these bottles of wine. Matt says the demand is high for elderberry wine. It's his winery's specialty. They don't ship the wine, so people have to pick them up, unless you're special as Alice and I are! According to Matt, the people have really been pouring in to pick up the wine. Amazing!

Even the bees were  enjoying the sunshine today! It's good to see them outside of their hive. I think they have spring fever, too. (see photo above). 

I left the door open to the cottage this afternoon as I worked. First time in a LOOOONG time!  I took a photo of the open door. The following photo is of  the sign that is next to the door. I thought you would appreciate it, dear  Reader! It says it all!

I enjoyed  a beautiful evening sky overhead (photo#4) and another spectacular sunset again tonight (photos 5-10). I had to share it with you. These photos are all taken from the Land, at various spots. I am realizing that  my picture taking during each day, dictates my blog entries at night.  Hope you enjoy these photos !

Well, I don't want to be a broken record, but I'm tired from all that good air and lots of hard work outside. Dear Reader, please know that I am cleaning up the Land so I can invite you out to enjoy it with me. Dear friends and family are always welcome!



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