Wednesday night"
Can you believe it, dear Reader? 78 degrees? What gorgeous weather! And tomorrow (April 1st) it's supposed to be eighty degrees! How we deserve this wonderful weather!

Well, it was an exciting day - as always!
I went to Rochelle to do my laundry. When I walked back outside to my car, the skies were alive over my car. I've never seen anything like it. What a statement to my Nissan Murano! Maybe the "contrail makers" like my car as well as I do. They certainly pointed to it, didn't they! It's amazing - whether I am in Wheaton at Whole Foods, Rochelle doing my laundry, or Iowa on vacation - where ever I am, so are the contrails! Truly amazing! Maybe other people have contrails over their cars and over their houses, too. I surely do, and am so thrilled with the wild skies!

I had a most enjoyable time doing my laundry.( Remember, dear Reader, I have no well or septic, so I have to do my laundry elsewhere.) When I finished my laundry, there was a young man sitting outside on the bench playing his guitar and talking with a young lady.

"Shades of the '60's," I said.

They both laughed. I did, too, but truly it reminded me of the sixties when I saw so many guitar players on street corners, sitting on benches in parks, etc. What a time that was! So I took this guitar player's picture, and introduced myself. His name is Eric Schroader (spelling?). I didn't ask why he was there, and if he played often. So, Eric, if you are reading this, please email us and tell us a little bit more about you. I can tell  you, dear Reader, he plays very well and it was a delightful part of my day.

While in Rochelle, I received a call from a man (John) who works for a cement removal company and yes, he wanted to see my property for cement dumping along the creek. Great timing! I met him on Route 30 and took him to the Land. Thanks to Ron Macklin at Macklin quarry for passing along my name. We'll see how this works out. I need to get information from the Army Corps of Engineers and John needs to get some information to give to the State of Illinois. Rules and regulations, you know dear Reader. And we must follow them, if we want to do things  correctly...and we certainly want to be correct!

I miss my sweet little black and white duck. He must have been passing through on his way north. Maybe I won't see him again. David is working on a little video I took of little ducky sleeping. 

Kyle and Jeff's farm ducks must have known I was missing the little duck, for they came up Willow Creek again to visit. I took their pictures as they were leaving - going back under the Beemerville Bridge to their home.

 I simply can not believe how fast the days are flying by. I bet you are as busy as I am, dear Reader. But we mustn't complain for the weather is perfect for getting so much done. Tonight, however,  I'm relieved it's time for rest.

Pleasant dreams, dear Reader.


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