Saturday Morning:

Happy First Day of Spring! Or should I say, Happy Snow Day?

Snow on the ground again, after such lovely 60 and 70 degree weather.  Yesterday was so nice, my mother called the weather number to be sure they weren't mistaken about the snow on the way. Obviously they weren't mistaken! We went from lovely sunny skies yesterday (see 1st photo above from Menard's parking lot in DeKalb, to this morning's photos of the lake). The ducks seem not to mind the snow at all...just as long as they have open water - and they do!

I slept in SOOO late this morning. 9:30! I never do that! The change in weather must have drugged me!

Had a delicious  lunch yesterday with friend, Michael, at Chinn's in Lisle. The calamari is out of this world. And the garlic roll are unbelievable! That's what they are known for. Michael and I don't have to worry about vampires - even today! I had coconut scallops. Yummy!

I just talked with David Vanderbilt and he sounds fantastic. He has a new (mooooo!) cow heart valve. His surgery was a great success. He may be coming home from Cleveland tomorrow! Unbelievable!

Today is the wedding for Ryan and Mary. Ryan is my cousin, Cindi's son. It will be very elegant and takes place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I know you send them your best wishes, dear Reader!

What a start to spring! But the snow doesn't look like it will last, so.....

Happy Spring, dear Reader!


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