Friday night

What a unusual day it's been!

This morning Gordon and Gordetta were swimming around the lake when I emerged from the cottage. Only they weren't THE Gordon and Gordetta, who have come back every spring for 10 years. No, these two are a new couple. I don't know what happened to the old Gordon and Gordetta, but they have definitely been replaced. The reason I am sure these are new geese is their response to me. They honk everytime I show my face. The real Gordon and Gordetta never so much as raised one honk when they saw me, because they were so used to me...year after year.  But these two new geese - who are now Gordon and Gordetta II - squawk all the time. They will have to get to know me. I've started talking with them so they will get used to my voice. And I did happen to mention that it is me who is feeding them cracked corn!

What a morning it was! Such brilliant blue sky with not a trace of a contrail. A "severe clear" as far as I could see. I haven't seen a sky like that in years. (See photo of Steward Road looking south toward my Land - my Land is over the next hill and out of sight.) What happened to all the contrails that are around my cottage each day? Is it spring vacation for the Training Crew? I only heard one small plane go over this morning...a "regular" plane as opposed to the usual sounds of the jets constantly overhead. I haven't heard a regular plane fly over like that in a long time. What's with no contrails?

Of course we don't know what the Training Crew in the Training Field are Training FOR. Personally, I think it's "Contrails 101." What do you think, dear Reader? If you want to see for yourself, please feel free to drop in for a visit and judge the contrails for yourself. (Although they can be conspicuously absent when I have guests.)

I think I saw a meager contrail in Aurora around noon, and another meager one in Naperville where Michael and I had lunch. That was all. Strange, indeed. When I returned to the Land, there might have been some contrails later this afternoon, but I couldn't be sure because they were so anemic.  Although I loved seeing the brilliant blue sky, I have to tell you I felt a little lost without the usual white streaks all over the sky.

Oh, I almost forgot another strange little occurance. When Michael called me later this afternoon, his cell number didn't come up. Instead it said, "Private Number."  That's never happened before. I think the cell towers are on vacation, too!

I must tell you about lunch, dear Reader. We went to the Rosebud restaurant in downtown Naperville, right on the river. Another delicious lunch. But that wasn't the most exciting part. This evening at 5PM, Evan Lysacek was expected at Rosebud. A huge sign outside the restaurant said, "Rosebud congratulates Evan Lysacek on his Olympic Gold."  When we left the restaurant around 2PM , the WLS, Channel 7 truck with a huge crane was already parked outside. How fun! And how nice of Evan to come home and add some excitement to Naperville. We're all proud of you, Evan!

Gordon and Gordetta (II) were still here when I came home. After I worked outside for a little while, they stopped honking. Perhaps they already figuring out who is feeding them!

So quiet out here tonight. Even the pink flamingos continue to quietly stare at my Beemerville  lane. Perhaps they wait for nightfall and then magically come alive, jump the fence and dance up and down my lane overlooking Willow Creek. I DO have such an imagination!

The grass is greening up, and we're suppose to have a nice warm-up next week. 70 degrees and more!

In the meantime, here's to a lovely weekend, dear Reader!


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