Monday night:
Another great day after a great weekend!

This morning I went out early to do my "Ablutions"  and was immediately struck by the brilliant, cloudless sky. I stared out over the pond for only a second before I heard a truck directly behind me. I think it was the farm tenant looking over the field to the north of me, AND looking at the huge piles of trees on the fields. I bet he was surprised by how big those piles are!

I was surprised to be caught in my lovely attire of nightgown, robe, old winter coat and rubber boots. Not the best way to make a fashion statement!

I was also surprised there were no white contrails in the sky for the second time! The bright blue sky continued that way while the farm truck remained in the field.

Angela was here visiting her sister, Kary, and husband, Dan in Park Ridge! I spent Saturday with them, and had a wonderful time! I wish Jeff could have been here, too.(see photos above) The photos show Dan with Olivia and Gavin. There are also photos of Angela with Olivia and nephews (Jake and Gavin). We took the kids to the school playground where Gavin and Jake immediately hit the swings. The last photo of us shows Kary, Angela and me (with Olivia on the slide). It is so comforting to know that some of the family has moved back here...we only hope the rest of the family (i.e., Jeff and Angela, Angela's parents, and my sister and family) move back, too! And to think I was going to sell the Land and move out to the west coast! Good thing I didn't.

The skies were cloudy on Saturday, but they cleared by the time I stopped at Wheaton's Whole Foods store in the early evening. (see photo) Then, as I headed west to Paw Paw, the clouds came back in again.

But Sunday and today both have been sunny and warm in the afternoon. The geese were here yesterday for most of the day. There was a third goose that caused some complaint, but seemed to be accepted by the new Gordon and Gordetta. He/she was very quiet and demure, so I think it may be the original Gordetta. Perhaps she's lost her mate. (see photo of Gordon and Gordetta II and perhaps a small duck, too.)

Today, not one goose or "normal" duck showed up because the little black and white duck returned early this morning, and stayed all day. He floated around so quietly. When I took a short video of him, I realized he was sleeping!! He would float around with his head tucked under his wing for minutes on end. When a bird overhead or a noise would scare him, he would rouse himself, shake his head, and look around.  When he saw there was nothing to worry about, he would tuck his head under his wing and go back to sleep! All day long! I kept wondering what he did last night that made him so sleepy! I am also wondering why no other goose or duck came to the lake today? And is he just passing through, or will he be a regular visitor?

Dave stopped by with some more wood he is donating to building JJ's chapel. We've started a pile on the top of the hill. We hope to start building some time in May!

I guess you won't be surprised when I tell you I pruned and burned yet again today. (see photos taken from the "high road." ) I worked non-stop until 5PM, then I took a short break, and proceeded to plant tomato seeds in the greenhouse until dark. 20 different kinds of tomatoes.  It never ends!

Today was the most heavenly day. There was very little wind, and SO quiet. It had a magical feel, and dear Reader, I wish you had been here to "hear" the silence. I think of you often, and hope you will visit one day.

Until then, I will continue sharing the Land with you as best I can!

Nighty-night, dear Reader!


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