I had a revelation this morning. It happened when I received an email and photo from Smitty, "Here is a bass Chris caught on the tip up the other day right before we left."  You would think I would have realized this earlier but I'm a little slow sometimes.

My project of building the house-on-the-hill is so much more than construction of a home. Yes, it does involve a community that you are part of dear Reader. And I am wonderfully amazed and grateful how the community is growing and coming together to build the house. But I'm realizing you and I are part of something that is even greater.

This project is expanding - as life has a way of doing - to include so much more than building a house. Building a house is only a part of what this is all about.

This is about our connection to... well...everything. It's about picnic tables and sharing future meals with family and friends. It's about fun, recreation, sport and sharing the lake with friends and family. It's about sharing  photo of a fisherman's catch, sharing  hours with old friends talking about the importance of nature, sharing a leisurely lunch and conversation with dear friends. It's about  time donated to make a video of the Land,  to clean up rough areas of the Land, and donations of wood for a house that will, in turn, be shared with dear friends - old and new. It's about experts sharing their advice. It's about my supportive, loving family.

It's about opening up my closed-down heart so my heart, and life, can smile and sing again. It's about letting go of the past and looking forward to the future with the best of the best people around me.

It's about sharing good feelings and love for humanity, believing there are really good people in this world, believing life does get better and there are always reasons to be hopeful.

It's about sharing a life. My life. Sharing my life with you. It's about breaking out of my self-imposed isolation and joining the world  to share with good-hearted and kind people.

You are sharing with me, too. And how I appreciate it! You are gently and graciously pulling me out of an old way of life, into a lovely, abounding, overflowing, full way of life.

I was wondering what photo would capture these feelings, but then...why not do a collage of friends and family who are part of all that is transpiring right now? Please enjoy the photos below.

Thank you, dear Readers, each and everyone of you. Thank you most sincerely.


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