What a day to remember! I started shedding clothes today. First, off came the winter coat. A little later...off came my outer sweatshirt. I worked in only a sweatshirt, sweatpants, sunglasses and rubber boots at the edge of the lake. Smitty and Chris will be happy to know the ice is still quite frozen, even at the edge.  Oh, it was beautiful out there! So still. So calm. So warm. A promise of Spring to come. No one could have asked for more!

Later I took a walk around the lake and took photos. I just realized the photo I took is the "winter view" of the main photo above, which is what you see each time you bring up buildthathouse.com. I hope  you like both views!

I sat in the chair at the top of the hill - "inside" my house-on-the-hill. It was heavenly.

For a break, I drove to Rochelle and rented some funny movies. No crabbiness for me tonight. I'll be laughing at some crazy movie.

As I reached home, I saw this beautiful sunset west of the Land on Steward Road (where I live) I decided I must take pictures and share them with you. Please enjoy!

Have a pleasant evening, dear Reader!


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