Monday evening:

Here it is almost 7PM and it's still nearly 50 degrees outside! Spring is really here!  Saturday the ice on the lake melted so quickly I almost  watched it go. (photos #1 & #2 above) And what says spring better than Gordon and Gordetta returning to the lake? Yes, they are back! It's good to see them again. We are old friends. (photos #3 & #4)

I so miss the blue fishing hut out on the lake. It seems too quiet around here without those crazy fishermen! So...just for old times sake, I've added some photos (#5 and #6)from the ice fishing days. Photo #6 is appropriately called "Fishermen going home."

On Sunday the skies cleared for only a little while, but oh! The sky lit up almost instantly!  It was great to view such beautiful skies.

Today I visited with Floyd and Fran Sellers. We were again talking about the small cemetery just north of their home. Floyd feels it is owned by a church - possibly the Church of the Nazarene in Mendota. I wonder if they know all the tombstones have been taken away? And that it's all overgrown? Floyd says there were little baby graves there from the 1800's. Nothing marks where they were laid to rest. Sad. (see photos #1 and #2 below.)

Floyd also told me another story: The church that belonged to this cemetery was originally around the corner. When the pastor died his wife had him buried in that little cemetery. When she moved, she dug him up and took him with her!

There were 23 graves still left there, and now no one can tell it was a cemetery at all. I wonder what the name of it was? I wonder where the tombstones are today? Such mysteries in Lee County? It's a fascinating place to live.

Yesterday, I ordered some of the wood and cement for putting in the piers of the chapel. It will be a simple building, but hopefully an elegant little chapel. (photo #3 below of  idealized  chapel) For some reason I envision people - whom I don't know - treking here to visit the chapel. After sitting in the chapel for a while and looking out at the lake, I see their heavy hearts brightening. Strange vision, but that's what I see. I wonder how the people  with sorrows will even know it's here?

I think I forgot to tell you that I contacted Ed Begley, Jr. and thanked him for recommending Chad Lampkin of Michigan Energy Works. According to Chad, Ed answers all his own emails. Sure enough. Ed wrote back a short note telling me I was in good hands with Chad. I truly think I am!

Another vision - which I hope is not too, too far off. A meeting with all the people who will be involved with the house building and landscaping which (at this time)  includs Dave, Chad and Randy (Ekana Nurseries). So far,  Michigan Energy Works and Ekana Nurseries have both agreed to be listed as my sponsors! This project is off to a SUPER great start! 

Dear Reader, I hope you, too, will be involved with building the house-on-the-hill!

Have a great night! I will be dreaming of the possibilities!


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