Happy Patrick's Day, dear Reader!

And what a fine day it is! In fact, the last two days have been magnificient! I hope you're enjoying these beautiful days as much as I am.

Once again - mainly due to sheer exhaustion - I am recounting the  last two days through pictures. I was greeted by a beautiful sunny day yesterday morning. I don't know where you live, dear Reader, but I am so fortunate to have such splendid skies all day long. The first row of photos shows the sky as soon as I walked outside yesterday. The photos are taken from all around my house.  How many people get such a showy sky  whenever the sun shines?

The second row, first photo is taken from Steward Road looking back to my cottage. ( photo #4) Later, after a meeting in Rochelle, I see the fabulous skies have followed me! I love it!  Photo #5 and #6)

This morning...for a change of pace, it was foggy. Very foggy! I thought you would like to see the pond in the foggy dawn. (see photo #7)  As soon as the sun came out, the skies around my house lit up again.(photo 8) How's that for excitement!

Speaking of excitement...today was an exciting day. First I started three - three! -  fires and cut more honeysuckle saplings. I missed my fire bugs (Smitty and Chris), but I can assure them there will be many more fires!  (photo #9 and #10)

Tonight, though, was the real excitment. Three of my neighbors turkeys decided to come visit me. I heard some gobbling near the house as I was working inside. I wasn't paying much attention, and thought to myself...it must be Kyle and Jeff's ducks in the creek. Then I walked outside to check the fires, and there were three huge tom turkeys in my backyard! What a surprise! I was so stunned to see turkeys behind the cottage I could hardly take their pictures! (see photos #11 and #12)

I called Kyle and Jeff immediately, but by the time they arrived with one of their friends, the turkeys were across the north run-off creek and into Jacox's field. They were on the move! Jeff and his friend jumped across the creek and finally caught up with them almost a quarter of a mile away. They herded them backthem to Steward Road. I wish I could have seen them walking three turkeys down Steward Road!  

What a day! I hope you are eating corn beef and cabbage and having  a toast to St. Patrick!  Keep my friend, David Vanderbilt, in your prayers as he just underwent heart surgery today in Cleveland. He did well and is recovering now.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!


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