Friday noon:
I think I forgot to mention that David and Ken donated two windows, lattice, and some 1 x 4's for the chapel.
These were left over from their garage sale last week. Of course I'm thrilled to have them! Thanks, David and Ken!

I've taken some photos of a "dah-ling" chapel I found in an out-of-the-way place. JJ's chapel will be much less ornate, but I thought I would share some pictures of this gorgeous Norwegian chapel. The rounded part is at the back of the chapel (Apse). The little bear sits on the side of the church door in the front of the chapel. Such workmanship! Enjoy the photos, dear Reader!

Mom called and said it's raining in Davenport. The grass has grown so long, and still I haven't mowed. Dave will finish working on my mower and deliver it Sunday evening (hopefully) after the big downpours are expected. the time I start mowing on Monday or Tuesday, my Land will look like a hayfield. Oh, well....'tis that time of year!

Happy rainstorms, dear Reader!


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