Monday afternoon:

"Ah, it's good to be queen!"

The above quote is a paraphrase  of "It's good to be king," from Mel Brooke's movie "History of the World." Michael says this all the time and I heard it again when Michael took me to Chef Amaury Saturday night. I have to share the menu with you, dear Reader, so you can drool like we did.

Course Number One started with Spanish Chorizo and Manchego Cheese. The sauces at Chef Amaury's are delicious and the apple ginger vinaigrette, candied lemon peel was suberb. The pistachios and mixed greens completed the dish.

Course Number Two was Asparagus Soup (oh, yum!) with Seared Sea Scallop with Chive Oil. The chive oil was a really nice touch.

Course Number Three: Macadamia Crusted Gulf Red Grouper with guava coulis, quinoa and sauteed ramps and wilted spinach. Need I tell you it was soooooo good?

Course Number Four: We chose the "Painted Hill" NY strip with goat cheese truffle potatoes and green beans. This was the only part of the meal that could have used some improvement. The steak was cooked perfectly, but the cut of the meat was not too tasty. In other words it was the supplier, not the cook, that made this less than perfect. The goat cheese truffle mashed potatoes were outstanding.

Ah, but Course Number Five:  The Goat Cheese Black Walnut Cheesecake with mixed berry cognac sauce was out of this world! Such a blend of interesting tastes! This was not a typical was round and so smooth and creamy sitting in a (fried?) shell of black walnut something or other which can not be described.

All this, and champagne, too. I truly have the greatest friends in the world!

Speaking of good friends, Dave was over again to start the clean up of the fallen old willow, planted as a wee thing in 1974 by Jack and me. (I think of all the years I watered that tree before it's roots grew long enough to tap into the lake water underneath it's little feet. I think of all the years I gave it "hair cuts" to keep it from weeping right to the ground...) We started the fire in the nearby stone pit that Dave made for me in 2000. (See photos above) Most of the top part of the tree was so dead that it burned readily. Some of the larger, more green parts were tranported to the burn pile across the lake, and now we are left with the largest part of the trunk. We will work on that in good time. It does look so much better now.

I took some photos of the pink tulips growing by  the back door to share with you. Spring is such a sweet season!

Did I tell you that I joined Facebook? Oh, my, I can see it will take lots of time...and I'm not so sure I will be able to add more time in my schedule...but I will try. It is SO good to talk with friends across the United States - and some I haven't talked with since college in the late '60's!

I enjoy talking with you, too, dear Reader. I hope you enjoy the goings-on at the Land!


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