Happy Easter to you, dear Reader!
What a lovely day it was even with the  thunderstorm late this afternoon. It's been a long time since we've had so much thunder and lightning! It is neat to listen to!

Lots happening lately...I checked my bees to see where the queen was, and if she's laying eggs. She is in the hive body, and definitely laying eggs. The upper "super"(box)  is amazingly filled with honey. There is so much honey that I could hardly lift it. So, after cleaning out the entire bee hive, I added another super on top.  Looking at the photo above, you can tell the bees were really upset that I was looking through their home. My veil and bee suit really helped. I didn't get so much as one sting, which is good as they were all over me (in a not-so-friendly mood).

Dave came over on Saturday. We left for Sandwich, IL to see Bruno's windows. We bought 4 windows, all of which will be used in JJ's chapel. (see photo) Thanks, Bruno!

When we returned from Sandwich, 2 weirdos...ooops! I mean two men were relaxing by the pond, doing a little fishing. (See photo above and see if you can identify the weirdos.) Chris and Smitty (geez, I gave it away!) didn't have too much luck until they went to the other side of the pond. Then, Smitty started reeling in some big crappies! (See photo that Chris took). He was so busy fishing that he didn't join Chris and Dave by the burn pile until later. And we know how much Smitty loves fires!

It was a wonderful day yesterday. I worked until dark again. It's so hard to quit when the fire is going and every stick or branch I pick up is burned up quickly. It saves so much additional work when the fire keeps going!

Today - on Easter - it is the end of an era on the Land. The first of the willow trees Jack and I planted around the pond in 1974, succumbed to the high winds. This particular tree was never the same after the 1983 gravel work that was done to build the overpass on Beemerville Road (over I-39). The crew left a huge pile of gravel for us when they left the job for good. The gravel pile, near the pond, surrounded the willow that fell over today. The willow still has a bank of gravel around it, which we will have to remove now that the entire trunk has keeled over.

The willow needed to be taken down, as it was mostly dead. I am grateful it fell over completely - including all of the trunk. Now I need Dave to come back again! It will look very barren there, when we finish cutting it up and removing it.

To end this entry today, I am adding some photos below of the view from JJ's chapel BEFORE the bonfire, followed by the photo I took this evening after most of the fire had burned down.

The next photo is of the silly ducks who visit from the neighboring farm. I think they were having a gossip session! And last, but not least, Mr. Racoon early yesterday morning, is looking for something to eat in Willow Creek. Enjoy, dear Reader!

On another note, my son, Jeff, had eye surgery to correct his vision on Friday. It went very well, but he was in quite a bit of pain for a few days. He says he feels much better now. I'm sure your warm thoughts sent to him will help, too!

I'm listening to the thunder as I sign off. Dear Reader, enjoy a great sleep during this storm!


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