Thursday evening:
Dear Reader, please hold my hand and listen to me vent.

It was a day that...well...just didn't work.

I dropped off my Nissan in North Aurora for the 5th time to fix the same problems I've had all along. (Sun and moon roof problems.) The service department had supposedly fixed the sunshade last time, only to have the moon shade break. The moon shade part just came in, only to have the mechanics determine I need a new sunshade. Because the parts have to be ordered, I will have to come back again (6th time!).

There are more things happening to my car (which I LOVE), but I will spare  you all the tiny details.

After Nissan I went to Kirkland to have crowns put on my two front teeth, and Oh! they look so good! But my gum has repaired well and now the new crown goes up too much into the gum, so my dentist suggested we get a new shorter crown. I concurred and am thankful she is such a perfectionist. But after 3 hours in the dentist chair and the same old temporary  teeth, plus the Nissan problems, I was feeling a little low.

Nissan calls while I'm at the dentist and informs me they are flying the parts in, so I won't have to come back for the 6th time. That cheers me a little bit.

I drive home and my garage door will not open. Therefore I can not get into my house. I immediately drive pell-mell into Casey's in  Paw Paw to buy a new battery for the garage door opener. Only thing is...I can't get my garage door opener - opened. I struggle with it. Two employees at Casey's struggle with it. A young man in a pick up drives up and I accost him (yes, I do believe accost is a good word to use. Wait, maybe "badger" would be more apt...)

He finally cracks open the garage door opener enough for us to see that Casey's doesn't carry the little round button-like battery.

I go out to my rental car, only to find that my door is locked. Back I go to ask Casey's employees if they can get into my car. I think they are a little sick of me by now. I find that the passenger door is unlocked (go figure), and everyone at Casey's is relieved. Me, too.

Dave calls and reminds me that I better check to see if the electricity is off to my house. Oops, in my sorry state, I didn't even think of this possibility.

I come back home and yes, the electricity IS off.

Michael happens to call in and I blurt out all my problems. After he hears me out, he assures me all will turn out okay. I apologize for dumping on him, but he gently reminds me as a doctor, he is used to listening to people. How true!

Meanwhile, Dave has called back with ComEd's number to report the outage. I find out it has been reported, and will be fixed in about an hour.

So, what to do? It's actually hot, so I kick off my shoes and nylons, roll up my slacks, and walk barefoot to the ...

I'm still out of sorts (to put it mildly!) but I sit down and begin to peruse a magzine. Perhaps 15 or 20 mintues go by, and all of a sudden I realize all my cares and worries have vanished. The view overlooking Willow Creek, listening to the chortling water as it falls over stones in the creek, hearing the birds chirping happily in the background, and feeling the warmth of an 80 degree day - all of these things take my problems away. I feel so much lighter.

Thanks to my friends and the magic of the Land, I am soothed. How could I ask for more? The Land - always the Land, heals me. What an enchanting place to be!

I try the garage door again, and it opens....

Once again, I hope, someday, all my readers (all 5 of you?) - will meet out here at the purple picnic table on the Land, or up at JJ's Chapel, or in the screened-in porch on the house-on-the-hill and have a wonderful time enjoying the Land, as I do. This is my wish for you.

With my difficult day in mind, I add Rascal Flatts wish for you, dear Reader - that...
           "You never need to carry 
           more than you can hold,
           And while you're out there gettin'
           where you're gettin' to,
          I hope you know somebody loves you
          and wants the same thing, too."
Oh, yeah, this is my wish for you....

May you have the best evening, dear Reader!


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