Early, early Thursday morning (in the wee hours)

The rains come and give life-enhancing water to the seeds recently planted in the ground.  Such is the way inherent to the growing season. Although it is hard to give up that wonderful sunny warm weather we just had, the rain is vital to growth.

The Land is coming alive! More water fowl (although the black-and-white duck is gone), more buds on trees and green, green everywhere. It is the beginning of one of the most beautiful seasons here in Paradise. (see photo of Blue Heron above)

Things are moving along as they should be. I temper my impatience with the thought that all the chores (how can we call such exhilerating work a "chore?"), will get done...that there is always time enough. Always time enough...

Yesterday I helped Alana at Junene's farm one last time. Dave was there,too. It was good we were all together. Dave found some felt paper that will be used underneath the roof of  JJ's chapel. Everything helps!

Again we see the world though different eyes as the brown barrenness of winter gives way to vibrant pink and white blossoms and the green grass of spring. (see photo taken of blossoming tree outside of Rochelle in a small town.)

Welcome Rains! Welcome Spring!

May you, dear Reader, be experiencing the same joy of spring!


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