Thursday night:

Windy today! But what a beautiful day!

I feel like I've been ignoring you, dear Reader. But spring is here and the grass is growing. Not to mention I had a wonderful vacation in Door County, and now must get "with" it  - or the Land will be a jungle.

So I am mowing, mowing, mowing. If that sounds slightly different from burning, burning, burning, it really isn't. I manage to burn more brush even as I mow!  The first photo above shows evidence of  another fire on the newly mowed grass on the  south side of the lake. In fact, the next photos show the  March and April views from the chapel site. If you look hard at the 3rd photo, you can see the fire still smoldering,

How I love to mow! It is such a satisfying way to spend a beautiful morning or afternoon. Everything looks so unkempt and ragged, and then - poof! after mowing it looks neat and ...and serene. There is something relaxing about gazing at a large expanse of green. Even though environmentally speaking, it isn't so good to just mow, mow, mow.  But it IS so restful for the soul.

Today I took a photo on the north side of the lake, of the lower level by the old picnic table. It looks so green! I also took a photo of the run-off creek today and show it next to the winter view. What a difference! You can hardly see the creek for the foliage.

You will also see some photos of the moon coming up a few days ago. How gorgeous it was! The last photo shows the moon reflected in the lake. I only wish you had been here to see it for yourself. Pictures do not capture how breathtaking it was!

Perhaps it won't surprise you, dear Reader, to know I am tired and ready for bed. It doesn't help that I have been up since 4AM cleaning out my cupboards. I'm not quite sure why I felt I had to clean cupboards at that time in the morning, but I'm glad I got it done. No rest for the wicked! (So now you know how wicked I am!)

I think I told  you that I joined Facebook, so now I'm connected to many friends of  friends of friends...and family. I only have one question, and perhaps you, dear Reader, can help me with the answer. It's quite important to me to know the answer.  Here it is: If I were 6 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon before Facebook, what am I now? Only 4 or 5 degrees? Please give me your thoughts, dear Reader!



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