Dear Reader,
My! It's been a long time since I've blogged! How I've missed you, dear Reader!

I had a good excuse...I've been in Arizona attending my niece's (Britney) graduation from high school. She's the baby of the family, but not any longer! She's off to University of Arizona in a few months.

We were so proud of Britney, in case you can't tell from all the photos. I took over 170 photos, so consider  yourself lucky that I didn't put them all on this blog!

Britney knows sign language and was chosen as one of 8 graduates to "sign" the Star Spangled Banner  to start off the graduation ceremony. Dobson High School orchestra  (Mesa, AZ) was outstanding! It was the best music I' ve heard in a long time, and what voices, too! They played the Battle Hymn of the Republic featuring several male voices - Wow! Very moving.

Jeff and Angela (and my "granddog" Einstein) drove over from L.A. to be part of the celebration. What a great time we had! It went by too soon.

Britney looks just like my sister, Linda, and Linda is what does that say about Britney? I believe the photos show their likeness. Britney's older sister, Nicki (also beautiful!) and Nicki's husband, Jeff Wolfe, just graduated from ASU (did I already tell you that?) a few weeks ago. Jeff is going on to law school in the fall. Everyone is graduating. I've been at Patrick and Nicki's graduation from high school (didn't make their college graduation, but...) so I HAD to be there for Britney's ceremony. I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

Britney's older brother, Patrick, drove over from Albuqueque where he is working for Hewlett Packard. Christina, Patrick's girlfriend from Spain, was there too. In fact, this very night, Christina leaves for Spain after being here for 6 months. Patrick is going to be lost without her. Christina goes to Ireland to college in the fall, and they won't see each other for another whole year!  As you know, dear Reader, parting is such sweet sorrow.

Here is a run down of the photos, dear Reader, so you can be part of Britney's graduation:
Row 1 - Britney, Britney with friends Quinn and Charrise, and Britney again (all before graduation)
Row 2 - Jeff (my son) and daughter-in-law Angela, Linda (my sister) and husband Pat, Jeff and me
Row 3 - Angela, Christina (from Spain) and Nicki, Pat, Jeff Wolfe (NIcki's husband and designer of this website), Patrick (brother) and Jeff, last photo, Angela, me, Linda and Christina
Row 4 - Graduation on the field at Dobson High, Britney with diploma in hand
Row 5 - Proud parents, Linda and Pat with Britney; Christina, Patrick, Britney, Nicki and Jeff W.; myfamily with Britney.
Row 6 - Britney with friend, Britney and Quinn, Britney
Row 7 - Nicki; Britney and Nicki; and celebration cake
Row 8 -Hug from Proud Papa Pat; Britney and Linda on boat; Pat (our skipper) on boat

I hope you get the flavor of this lovely graduation with my sister's family and Jeff, Angela and me.  It went by 'way too quickly!

Back home again, and time to start JJ's chapel. Today Dave cut the outer posts and put them in the holes. We're waiting on longer side boards (20 feet to be exact). (see photos below)  When we get those we will continue to square up the outside posts. I'll keep you informed!

Such excitement! Good night, dear Reader, good night!


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