Tuesday night:

I'm so tired I can't see straight! So forgive me, dear Reader, if i am brief tonight.

A couple of days ago, Dave and I cleaned up the huge fallen willow. The photos are of Dave dragging a large chunk of it up the high road, around the pond, and down to the burn pile on the other side.  The area is almost cleaned up now. The last huge piece of willow (photo 3) is waiting Derek and his earthmover.  It's really going to look different when the old willow is gone. ... Dave and I straightened up the second generation willow next to the old one. The young willow was under the fallen tree and couldn't get back  up until we tied it to a piece of rebar.

Sunday David and Ken brought over two of their friends - Mike and Bob. Mike hadn't see the Land. I hope he comes back when it's a sunny, warmer day!

This morning after the thunderstorms, I photographed foam on Willow Creek. I wonder what makes the foam?

This afternoon, Dave and I planted all kinds of flowers. After he left I distributed lots of manure tea to all the new plants. It smells pretty stinky around here!  I worked in my winter coat because it was so cold. Seems we had June weather in April, and now we're having April weather in May! I'm ready for some sunshine and warmth!

I spent Mother's Day in Iowa with my dear Mother. She is a saint. At nearly 92 years of age she is a wonder - driving all around in her car and walking with ease every where she goes. Amazing! It was great to be with her again! She's my rock.

I hope you had a good Mother's Day, too, dear Reader. Our mothers are so precious. So are our children. I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful family.

It's time for lights out here, dear Reader. Nighty-night. 


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