Good evening, dear Reader!

My! How the weather changes! Yesterday was so lovely, calm and warm. Smitty and Chris came out to fish...and oh, how the crappies were waiting to bite! Smitty said they caught 53 (or was it 56?) in one hour! The total for the day was 76.  Not bad!  Didn't I tell you this is Paradise here?

The photos above show Chris and Smitty across the lake. You can see the lake isn't totally "clear" - like it was a few days ago. (It's still really clear underneath the algae, though.) I used to be upset whenever algae formed on the lake. After the lake was drained and gravel taken out in 1983, it used to be crystal clear all the time. Now, of course, there are (were) trees all around the lake, plus the "helicopter" seeds from maples trees, not to mention "cotton" from the cottonwood trees. Ken Clodfelter, the regional fish biologist, has received many a call from me. Patiently he has explained to me why there is algae year after year. Now I realize that algae doesn't hurt anything, is there for a reason, and  gives the little fish some cover. My worrying days are over and I even appreciate algae. Sometimes I even use it in my garden beds.

Speaking of garden beds, I bought several flats of flowers to be planted around the cottage. (See photo) They will have to wait now until next week when it warms up.

Is there life beyond mowing? I think not. When Chris and Smitty came out yesterday I bet they weren't at all surprised to find me...welll......mowing.

This morning, after such a lovely day yesterday, the skies opened up and poured. Did the flashes of lightning and/or thunder wake you up early this morning, dear Reader? Not the kind of weather to be running outside to the "restroom!" But we certainly needed the rain. So no complaints here.

I talked with Chad Lampkin, recommended by Ed Begley, Jr. - remember? He has all kinds of ideas of how to install a shower in the cottage here, so maybe I will before winter. It's always enlightening talking with Chad. Hopefully he will visit soon.

Lovely lunch today with Michael in Geneva. It was a nice break from (yes!) mowing and working outside all this week. I must confess we had a bubbly glass of raspberry champagne from Italy, along with our crabcakes. When I returned home the cold north wind had begun in earnest and it was just plain cold. I haven't had a fire in the woodstove for weeks now, but I do tonight. And it feels great! 
On a sad note, yesterday would have been JJ's 36th birthday. I miss him so. Designing the chapel is great therapy for me, and I will enjoy every moment of building the chapel in JJ's memory.

Our weather has progressed or slid backwards - from summer to winter. May you be all snuggled in and cozy, dear Reader. Nighty-night.


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