Sunday night:

Saturday just before noon some of the basic lumber to build the chapel, was delivered. We arranged to have it delivered on Saturday so Dave could be here to supervise.

I've also received offers of more donations of wood and windows from David and Ken and also Fran and Floyd Sellers. Dave and I will pick up these donations soon. The chapel is really coming together! I just have to picture how to arrange all the different and unique windows so the chapel looks really great. When I finally gather all the materials you are cordially invited, dear Reader, to visit the Land and look at the windows. I welcome your imput!

Also, I ordered 100 more panels of privacy fence for the west side of my property (good fences make good neighbors!).  You can see by the photos that Menards delivered  all the wood, so now the Land is ready for some building! It will be a lot of fun and I can hardly wait!

...But wait I must as planting and mowing still continues. I love to mow and plant, so I'm not being tooooo impatient. As Dave says, "It will all get done." My motto is "Little by little, step by step." And voila! when I look back and the chapel and the House-on-the-Hill are all built, I will say, "My! that happened pretty quickly!"

I missed Smitty and Chris fishing out here today. I pictured them rolling, rolling, rolling on the river, fishing away! What a perfect day it was!

I thought I would share some photos of some small lilac bushes on the Land. The first two photos are from above Willow Creek near my eastern border. The third photo is of the lilac bush at Steward Lane. The lilacs smell heavenly!

The photo below was taken early morning several days ago as the moon was exiting to the west. It was quiet and serene that morning with the moon smiling on the Land.

I am missing my new friends in Door County, Al and Marilyn, Jinx, Eunice and Larry. I also miss the little cottage on Whitefish Bay that I looked at, which is for sale. How I wish I could be two (or more!) places at once!

I started work before 6 this morning, so am quite ready for bed. Floyd and Fran gave me two plum trees, (they have more for you, dear Reader, free if you would like one), and some rhubarb plants. Dave helped me plant the trees and rhubarb. Later, after Dave left, I worked with my bees and now have several bee stings (because I was careless). I'm going to nurse my wounds with sleep. Good idea, don't you think?

So buzz, buzz, buzz, and good night to you, dear Reader!


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