Wednesday night:

Working with the bees on Monday proved much less "stingy." In fact, I worked in their hive for a LONG time and not one sting. I was looking for the queen bee. She had gotten into the second "story" (called a "super") and laid her brood. It's better to have her in the deep hive body and keep her there to lay her brood, so the supers can be used for honey storage. I finally found her back in the deep hive body. She is quite the egg-laying queen. I put on a metal bar-like contraption (queen excluder) to keep her in the deep hive.

Because the honey flow has been great due to the wonderful weather we've had, I will be needing to split the hive soon. Sooooo, I painted my new supers to make another bee hive.  (See picture above) I got a little carried away and decided to paint the old bench, too.

Chris and Smitty came out last evening to fish. Smitty said the water was "so clear!"  And it is! They seemed to have a good time on the south bank away from the strong wind. It was good to see them again!

I mowed again this morning. I was the very epitome of a Glamour Magazine "Don't." This time I tied a floral old-fashioned bonnet on top of the large ear phones I wear. Quite a sight! I am such a character!

 Sitting on the tractor mowing along is so comforting, so peaceful. I mowed around the lower gardens and under the willows. The sun played peek-a-boo with the clouds. The wind was  quite breezy. As the morning  warmed up it was just Heaven on the Land. Truly a paradise! And the newly cut grass looks  so restful.

Tonight I made a salad with some of my own lettuce and mesclun mix growing by the back door. I added my favorite arugula - along with young French Breakfast radishes, and freshly picked asparagus. Topped with vinegar and oil and Parmesan cheese - yummy! It doesn't get any better than this. I wish you could have joined me, Dear Reader!

Sleep tight!


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