Thursday night:

What a storm we had yesterday! Lots of rain, wild winds, thunder and lightning! Willow Creek quickly rose up, over its banks, over the "road-between-the-ponds and right into the lake.  It gushed over the bank for hours on end, filling up the lake and making it overflow to the run-off creek. It was amazing to watch. I've seen this before, but I didn't think we had so much rain that it would happen this time.

There will be lots of work to do to clean up. The lake is now full of fecal matter with spillage from Willow Creek. Oh, joy. It will take many weeks for the lake to naturally clean up. As I am expecting Kary, Dan and family to visit in a few weeks, I am not happy with the chocolate brown water.

But enough grousing. The land is already repairing itself, and this too shall pass. I am grateful it wasn't worse.

I have included lots of photos for you, dear Reader, to feel like you are right here with me, looking at how this storm impacted the Land. (See the first four rows of photos above.) The worst thing was my 14 tons of sand I had delivered. As I was taking pictures of it last night, it suddenly disappeared. This morning, I found some of it after the waters receded somewhat, but most of it is probably in the Green River or Rock River by now. Perhaps it will make its way to the Gulf, and help disperse the oil slick!

The day before the storm we moved the purple picnic table to the top of the hill, not far from JJ's chapel. It looks good there. Now all we need is Alana to show up to help paint it. (Alana, where are you? I miss your cheery voice!) See the last row of photos taken a day or two before our big storm.

We also moved the little table and two chairs on the floor of JJ's chapel. It's wonderful to sit up there and gaze down to the pond from the chapel! Slowly we make progress!

Dear Reader, last night I was in shock. Tonight, I am just a bit tired. Nighty-night, dear Reader! Sleep tight!


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