Monday night

Oh, dear Reader, so much going on! Such a week - I've been so happy and contented because I'v e had my family around me!
Jeff and Angela's visit went by 'way too fast, but how relaxing and fun to have them here. And Angela's sister's family came out, too, so I have lots of photos.

The first photos show us  at Navy Pier on Sunday June 13th.  We had a horrible time finding parking. Here Angela on left is giving a coat to her sister, Kary, while Gavin climbs a pole and little Olivia looks at the camera.
Second photo: Jeff and Angela with Chicago skyline in back.
Third photo: Kary and Angela, dear sisters and friends
Fourth photo: Jeff and Kary's husband, Dan (on left of photo); Angela and Gavin (on right)
Fifth photo: Three darling children - Jack, Olivia and Gavin
Sixth photo: The Charlie family - Dan with Olivia, Kary, Jake in front with Gavin on right.

Angela and Kary's Mom, Brenda, flew into Chicago for a visit. Angela's father, Dave, will be coming out later. Angela's entire family then came out to the Land for the first time. The kids, Olivia, Jake and Gavin, LOVED the lake. They didn't mind that I didn't have the "new" beach made. Out they went to the water - through weeds and dirt. What troopers! They will be coming back in a few weeks with Angela's dad and Dan, but Angela and Jeff won't be with theim. They went home a few days ago. (I miss them already!)

Here are the explanations for the photos on the Land:
#7: Gavin helping Olivia in the screenhouse next to the cottage where we had a picnic
#8: Olivia holding Grandma Brenda's hand as they walk to the lake; Kary in back
#9: Jeff fishing
#10: The three little swimmers
#11: Kary with Gavin and Jake
#12: Aunt "Annie" playing with Olivia, Gavin and Jake
#13: Gavin and Jake
#14: Angela with Olivia and Jake
#15: Uncle Jeff with three littel urchins

It was a fun filled day. Jeff and Angela stayed with me for the next few days. On Thursday Derrick came out to move lots of earth, and slowly but surely the Land is changing. He didn't finish in one day so we're waiting for a day without rain (hope springs eternal!) so he can finish. 

That very same day, Michael came out to see Jeff and Angela and spend some time sitting in the screenhouse with some wine, cheese and crackers. Ahhh, life is good! Derrick's huge earthmover wasn't even very loud while Michael was here! The sand was delivered for the beach, but Derrick hasn't had time to go back over to the beach and push it down. (See photos #16 - 21 above)

Jeff and Angela had some more time to fish on Thursday afternoon. Dave came over later to see them, too. (See photos below)

Friday I drove Jeff and Angela up to Rockford where they met some college buddies  who took them to Madison to a friend's wedding. I tried to get back to the house before the storm hit, but only made it as far as Rochelle where I hunkered down under the BP roof over the  gas pumps. Wow! All kinds of things were flying  through the air, then I heard sirens and it looked like a roof came off down the street. Almost too exciting! It was a relief to get home and put the car in the garage. All in all, dear Reader, it was quite a wonderful week!

The next day I had another visitor. She  jumped up from the creek next to the screenhouse and landed right in front of the cottage windows as I was looking out. What a pleasant surprise. A good sized doe. I guess she realized friends and family were visiting the Land so she decided to stop in for awhile, too!

Saturday afternoon Ken and David had a barbeque at their home in Paw Paw with friends from work (in Chicago). I have met most of them before, so it was fun to see them again. As always, the party was a huge success!

On Father's Day yesterday, Dave came over and finished putting the floor on JJ's chapel. We thought it was very appropriate as the chapel honors Jack, too.  Now we must wait until I find all the windows before we can start to frame the chapel. If you know of any windows that may work, please let me know, dear Reader.

And last but not least, Chad Lampkin  (Michigan Energy Works)dropped in from Michigan (remember Ed Begley, Jr. recommended him) to see the Land and house site. We spent hours talking about solar energy and the house-on-the-hill, plus other things I can do in the cottage. He is so knowledgeable! Chad walked around taking videos of the land as the sun was setting on the longest day of the year. (see last photo below)

Chad wasn't due to meet his business partner in Elgin until this morning, so he brought in his own sleeping bag and used the couch for the night. When I woke up this morning and came downstairs, he was already gone! I couldn't even tell he had been here. What a quiet guest!

Jeff Wolfe added another video to the home page so be sure to view it. Thanks, Jeff!

My! Much has happened - and the Land is finally as it should be. Here for all of my family as my family grows bigger and bigger! My friends, too, are always welcome! Soon Smitty and Chris will be back from their fishing trip up north, and will show up again one of these days! Welcome dear friends and family! The Land and I are here for you!

So it is with a happy spirit, but tired body, that I bid you adieu, dear Reader! I'll keep you posted on all the latest here on the Land!


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