My dear Reader, l have been so busy getting ready for Jeff and Angela that I have ignored you. Please know you were in my thoughts each day!

Jeff and Angela arrive within the hour and I am SO excited! Angela's sister (Kary), is bringing them out to the  Land. Kary's children - Gavin, Jack and Olivia - will be coming too! AND a special guest who just arrived only 24 hours ago - Angela and Kary's mom, Brenda! I can hardly wait to see them all. Kary and family will return to Park Ridge, and leave Jeff and Angela to "rough" it out here for a few days.

Except for Brenda, I have already seen everyone (Kary's husband, Dan, too) on Sunday when we all went to Navy Pier. I have lots of pictures from the Pier, and will get many more today. I will share them all with you, dear Reader, although it will take some time to get them all together.  We had a great time, although the parking was horrible. We finished our walk on Navy Pier just as it started to rain. We were so fortunate the weather coorporated.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to check in with you and tell you I haven't forgotten you, dear Reader. More has been done on JJ's chapel, too. Talk to you in  a few days!

All my best to you!


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