Haven't we had the most beautiful weather? I realized yesterday, after watering the gardens, mowing and then relaxing in the screenhouse (with a crossword puzzle!),  how truly I am enjoying summer. It doesn't hurt that I live in Paradise, either!

Dear Reader, I must bring  you up to date on the G. M. Sipes/Williiam Charles/concrete affair, after venting so much in my last blog entry.

William Charles is a good company. First thing Monday morning Tim Bridges called from William Charles in regards to my call late Friday.  He was sincere, direct, and a good listener - three excellent qualities to possess for a successful business.

After hearing my side of the concrete story, Tim said he was aware of the problems Sipes had obtaining the State's approval to allow dumping. He was also aware there was a union problem  - and that was with Otterbach. He wasn't aware  my property was the second property where the concrete was supposed to go...but that is not the problem at this point. Tim was quick to realize what the problem is. That is: John at Sipes was not forthcoming with the way he handled the situation when the concrete failed to appear at my property after each time he said it would. 

"He's got to man up to it," was Tim's view of the events. 


Tim's assessment hit the nail on the head. The William Charles Company  - with Tim's immediate addressing of the issue - made me realize what a good company they are. Later, when I got to the " He's got to man up to it," part, when talking with Ron (who had given my name out to the concrete suppliers),  Ron nodded and smiled.

There is nothing better than an  honest, direct approach to any problem and that's William Charles' approach. So, dear Reader, please realize I take back my unhappiness with the William Charles Company. I still am not happy with Sipes, their sub-contractor, but I am happy with William Charles, and I'm sorry I sullied their name.

As were were getting off the phone, Tim said if I hadn't heard from Sipes by the end of the week,  I should call Tim back.

I heard from John at Sipes at 4:30PM that day. I accepted his apology and I'm letting bygones be bygones.

Meanwhile, Otterbach called me 24 hours later after his offer to dump concrete on my land for $500. His message said he was making sure this was "your number, as it was the last one on the list."  He went on to say he had just gotten a job now really close to me and could do the dumping on my place "for next to nothing." What a coincidence!

Again, when I was discussing this with Ron, he said something that sticks in my mind. "It will be interesting to see if you hear from him (Otterbach) again."  Time will tell.

Meanwhile, the lake still looks pretty murky,(see 1st close-up photo above) but it is cleaning up. The fecal tests were quite interesting. One was only 38 (parts per thousand? million?). The other one on the lower beach had a fecal count of over 400. When I talked to Sharon at Rochelle Wastewater, she asked, "When you take these samples, are you sure to wear gloves?" Hummm, not the kind of water one wants to swim in, that's for sure! I will be taking more tests each week, but suffice it to say, it's pretty polluted from the pig farm, and other farms upstream of me.

I mow, I water, and I realize still just how fortunate I am to have this lovely place. In spite of a few setbacks, one thing the Land has taught me...it always repairs itself. (see 2nd long view of lake above) Sometimes I have to help it a bit, but it always perseveres and goes on.

And so shall I.

Ahhhhh,  a very special treat this evening...Chris and Smitty returned! They had a great fishing trip to Canada. They brought me a lovely gift for "letting us fish here" - a beautiful black fleece pull-over with "Canada, Anderson's Manitou Falls Camp" on it. How I will use it this fall and winter! It is just the kind of pull-over I love!  They shouldn't have... but ... Thank you Smitty and Chris!

And so dear Reader, now that Chris and Smitty are back ... all is right with the world. Good night all!


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