Monday morning early 5AM:

I have been remiss in not writing more in my blog, especially when there's been so much happening!  I want to share it all with you, dear Reader.

Most importantly, my Mom turned 92 yesterday (June 6th). I will be seeing her today or tomorrow to celebrate her birthday. What a gal she is! Truly an inspiration!

More good news:  JJ's chapel's four outside posts are finally set! There are even some joists in place! (see photos above) It took much longer than expected, but it's all squared up and level. What a wonderful feeling! Alana was here this week to lend her support, and of course, Dave did his bit, too. It was a good week.

As I might of told you, I'm also toying with the idea of putting in well and septic. Whoa! Can you believe it? After 10 years of living like a pioneer? Yep! So...I'm getting quotes on that. Suddenly my life is VERY busy! I mean busier than normal. And I love it!

 Haven't some of these early June days been heavenly? How I love June - especially when the humidity clears out after a good thunderstorm!

Another good thing - the screenhouse is up and ready for use! It's so comfortable sitting in there, doing my crossword puzzles. I have a lovely view of the pond AND the stream by the house. I hope to find lots of time to relax in there...but I think that may be a pipedream with all I have decided to do this summer!

Please stay tuned, and I'll try to write updates more often, dear Reader. I want you to feel you are right here enjoying the summer with me!

Here's to a great week!


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