Friday night:

Had a lovely lunch at FoxFire in Geneva with Michael. I love being spoiled! I had a delicious blue cheese encrusted filet mignon. But what we especially go for is the Ahi tuna appetiser. No one does it better! It was good to get away from my rather sick lake (more about this later) and laugh, wine and dine.

You can see by the photos above that Derrek was here to finish up around the lake.  (Photos 1 and 2) While he was here I received a call from Rochelle Wastewater Dept who does my water samples, and the news is not good. They want me to retest, because the numbers are "too many to count."  I do believe there is a feedlot somewhere which is polluting Willow Creek, which just polluted my lake. Hopefully it will clear up soon, because I don't want to disappoint my extended family who is expected here next week. I have included some lake pics of some of the pollution. (Photos 3 and 4)  Sometimes the lake looks almost clear, and then  - when the wind dies down - it looks really bad. So I've included both types of photos.  The good photos give me hope. (Photos 5 & 6)

While Derrek was here, I asked him to clean up the weeds in the sand down at Willow Creek (which is now running fairly clear ...well, at least it looks a lot better than the lake). This is the area 5-year-old Jake has already deemed "The Snow Hill." (see photo#7). Before the snow flies, though, if we can't swim in the lake, Willow Creek  is my Plan B.  Derrek made a nice beach (see last row of photos). I plan to add a screenhouse next to the sand, and voila! we have a swimming hole once again! The Land always provides. It  is Paradise!

Oh, and by the way, I talked to Otterbach who originally had just received a job by me so he could do my concrete work for "next to nothing," as you'll remember. Now he hems and haws about it being put out "to bid"...ah, maybe, maybe not being able to do dear Reader, by now you are probably getting as cynical as I am. Here is a man who is a farmer and flies planes only several miles away from my property, yet specifically brought up to me the fact that  he doesn't know my neighbor who is a farmer and flies planes.  I am having a hard time believing anything these pilots and concrete guys say - with the exception of William Charles.  Do you suspect as I do, that no concrete will be forthcoming from this bunch of fellas? Derrek, who has been through this whole concrete business with me, as he waited to get in to work on the Land, summed it up by saying, "Pardon my language, but I think they are bullsh....ers." I told him if I said words like that, I would definitely use that same word!

Dear Reader, no one is worth bringing cynicism into my life - or yours. It is most certainly time to leave all this behind us and march on!

I talked with my son, Jeff, today. He and Angela are so dear to me. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful family and friends!

I'll keep you apprised about the lake and high e-coli numbers after my next sample to Rochelle Wastewater.  The sunny days will help reduce the numbers.  Smitty and Chris say that nothing keeps them from fishing! Great attitudes, guys!

Nighty-night, dear Reader, sleep tight!


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