Saturday night:
It's been so long, dear Reader!

As usual, much is happening. I've had to move my bee hives to the road around the lake  - on the east side. They were a bit too rambunctious, so they had to be moved. When moving bees that far, the "field force" bees can't find their hive and, unfortunately, die. That is what is happening as I write this. Sad, really, but can't be helped. The field force are the bees that bring in the honey. The hive still has lots of brood for more bees, so the field force will build up again, but these poor bees won't make it.

As you know, dear Reader, I am putting in a septic for my present cottage. Yep, the house-on-the-hill will have to wait until next year, so I can finish making the improvements to the cottage. That's why the bees had to be moved.

Did I also tell you I bought a old glass storm door in Hinckley some time back? The gentleman who has the antique store there realized I wasn't going to pick it up any time soon, so on Thursday he brought it out to me (when he was doing some other errands this way). His name is Rick, and I invited him into the screenhouse (the cottage  was 'way too hot!), where he was kind enough to play his guitar for me. Rick plays often and writes his own material. I was quite impressed. I asked him to play when we dedicate JJ's chapel, and he said he would be happy to do so.

Wednesday I had dinner with David and Ken, and on Friday I had lunch with Michael. What would life  be without my friends? And family.

Speaking of family, I have wonderful news! Jeff was promoted this week! He is now a senior analyst! His company had an annual meeting this entire week in Breckenridge, Colorado. Right during the  last dinner, his boss got up and started talking about this wonderful person , etc etc etc, and when he said Jeff's name, Jeff received a standing ovation. He was overwhelmed. Last year he won one of  DeVita's core value awared (for Service), which was a real honor, too. Congratulations, Jeff on your promotion! And on your birthday, too!!!

Oh, and by the way, the lake  had high fecal count last time I wrote. A few days later when I took another sample, the fecal count was zero! Never has that happened so soon after such a flood. It is a wonder how a body of water this big can go from fecal colonies "too numerous to count" to zero in a matter of days. It simply can't be done, unless that chlorine I smelled had something to do with it. All I can tell you, dear Reader, is that the lab tester was completely shocked. Too many samples being too erratic, I'm afraid. But it isn't Rochelle Wastewater who is "off." In fact, IEPA (I just talked with them) praised Sharon and her lab for the work she does.  So... I will take random samples of the lake water, to make sure it really is cleaning up. Previous floods took weeks and sometimes months to clean up. It is amazing how things are changing in my lake and on my property this year.
Those dear bees wore me out today, so I can not stay and "talk" with  you, dear Reader. I miss you, so I will try to write more often. Keep your eyes open for any kind of windows that would work in JJ's chapel. Along with the septic, the well, the new garage, a real furnace (!), a utility room and an extra room where the garage used to be...I do have my hands full! But the chapel is my focus, too. So keep your eyes open, dear Reader!

Nighty-night! Keep cool!


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