Whew, dear Reader! It's hot!

Yet I'm as happy as a clam in cool ocean sand. We're supposed to be warm in summer,  so I am enjoying this weather. Come January I will look back at this and sigh...

Much has happened since I've talked with you last. Both the greenhouse and old shed are demolished, thanks to Dave (and his "dummy" ...me). (See photos above) The Land looks horrible with junk sitting all around...rakes and shovels and plastic pots, etc. etc. etc., just waiting for a new garage to be built. How nice it will be to hang tools on garage inner walls and have a place for everything. (Everything that doesn't have a place is going!) I feel so good about it.

What I don't feel good about is the fact that my big heavy chain in the old shed is missing (among other things). Previously I've had my jewelry stolen from my house (among other things). When I realized the sheriff wasn't able to do much about it, I put an ad in the Chicago Road Shopper, and lo! and behold! my jewelry returned to the same place  a few weeks later. The deputy and I searched the entire bag so we know it wasn't there, and then ... it was ...  not long after the Chicago Road Shopper offered a reward for it. Should I put another reward offer in the Chicago Road Shopper for the heavy-duty chain - and missing gasoline containers filled with gasoline, dear Readers? Or should I just leave it alone until more things  are missing or broken or  ripped, then run the ad? Again your opinions and suggestions are most welcome (privately).

Back to what's happening now... the septic will be next, and then the well. Yippee! 

Meanwhile Michael's birthday was Saturday and we celebrated at Chef Amaury's again.  I don't want to make your mouth water, but I will say the seared sea scallop and sweet corn soup with cilantro oil was superb! The macadamia nut crusted Colorado Rack of Lamb wasn't bad either...and the roasted rhubarb creme fraiche tart with roasted strawberry sauce was out of this world.

 The great blue heron has been visiting the lake often as you can see from the above photo. He is majestic. I've also included photos of my apple tree with apples on it, but the leaves are missing. Strange, n'cest pas? And last but not least, I've included a photo of the cottage taken 'way up on the south hill behind where the house-on-the-hill will be built. I was amazed as I walked up from Beemerville  and could see the cottage from so far awy. What a neat view!

Stay as cool as you can, all the while enjoying summer, dear Reader! I'll keep you informed with the progress!


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