It just keeps getting more exciting, folks. (I borrowed the "folks" from Smitty)

Bob of Bob Nolte Concrete with assistant, Brian, were  here several days putting the "rails" up and adding gravel to level the site, and today they poured the concrete slab for the new garage! It looks super! Darrell from Complete Well Drilling in Mendota came out to trench in the inside hydrant, too. Now my yard looks like there is a gigantic mole in the front , and several gigantic moles making huge raised earth paths in the back yard. Pretty soon I'll be surrounded. Chris Henkel put in a "sleeve" for the electric, and the intrepid fishermen, Chris and Smitty came over last night for a little fishing (and mosquitoes) and gave their approval to the leveled site - before the pour today. So everyone and everything have worked together to produce a fantastic looking base for the garage. The well drilling rig will arrive this weekend, and you know what that means, dear Reader. WATER. Can it really be true?

One of the hottest days of the year and we just keep sweating away, getting things done. I can hardly believe it!

My son, Jeff, and I keep conferring on the status of all the capital improvements on the Land. I asked him how he wanted me to put in our names in the concrete slab. We decided on "A & J Heim" which covers Angela and me (as Alberta), and Jack, JJ, and Jeff as the "J" Heim. So we're all included. I forgot to put the date, though. Oh, well....

To top it off, one of my new friends - Rick - was the first person to send a "Buck for the Build" today! I told  him I would use it wisely. I will save it on the House-on-the-Hill after my cottage is completed!

I'm signing off early as I need a little rest. Nighty-night, dear Reader. Enjoy the photos!


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