I have a well! I have a well! After 37 years, I have a well! Jack and I bought The Land in 1973, and finally, I have a well! Complete Well Drilling (company) drilled to 188 feet and found some really good water. I am so happy!
I have a well!

There's so much to tell you - especially when I had to clean up yesterday and 5 men were here - Men in my attic (heating ducts) in my bathroom (plumbing), outside (well) etc. I had to hide behind a pine tree and take a bath.  I hung  my good clothes on a tree branch. (Eldred Rogers had passed away and I went to his visitation after picking up Teddie  Pohl. ) 

I have a well! Unbelievable. On Monday I will have running water to the cottage. Life is GOOD!

 I have a beautiful 95% efficient furnace in the utility room -to-be, too. I simply can not believe it.

I have lots of pictures to share with you, but I'm too tired to download them...so perhaps next time.

So good night, dear Reader, and know that this has been a very historic week!


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