How many people get excited aout a toilet, dear Reader? I do!

 All the "necessities" you have taken for granted, I have not had for 10 years. Not that I minded it,  because there is a certain amount of simplicity in living without well and septic. For example, I never had to worry about pipes freezing in the winter when I left for extended periods. On the other hand, when I returned to the cottage after spending a month in Arizona last year, the temperature in my house was 22 degrees. Each way of living has its plusses and its minuses.

Yet after 10 years of "camping" on the Land, I am now joining civilization...ever so slowly, but steadily. First Jerry Hornung moved the small pines out of the way and then dug the septic tank hole. And what a day it was yesterday with the big septic tank rolling in on a flat bed, and a crane to lift it into place. And now my backyard looks like a bomb went off! With the cement slab being poured this coming week (depending on weather, of course) and the well being put really will look like Beirut around here. Such excitement all at once!

After Jerry Hornung and the rest of  the septic crew left, plumber Steve came over with his wife, Sue, and he put in the  toilet. It's beautiful (if you can say that about a toilet). I can use it by dumping water in it, but I think I will wait a little longer until the well is put in. I have made many trips to the bathroom - not for what you think - but  just to admire it. would too, after 10 years!

More good news - Chris and Smitty came out to fish this week. I haven't seen them for so long, and it was great to gab with them. Chris took one look at the flagged markers for my 20 x 24 foot garage, and said, "You should just make it 24 x 24 and be done with it." So, thanks to Chris, I have enlarged my garage one more time. It started out at 16 x 24, then I decided 18 x 24 would be nice. Not too much later, I thought maybe I should enlarge it to 20 x 24....and then with Chris' it will be 24 x 24. Oh, my! Bob Nolte better get here soon or before long it will take up the entire space!

On another note, I've noticed the early morning sun comes later and at more of a slant. I can feel autumn approaching. Two Great blue herons keep a close watch on each other...I'm not sure if they are males defending territory or a male and female going through some kind of mating (at this time of year?).  They are such beautiful birds. 

As summer starts to come to an end, I look forward to more family outings here, and of course that includes my wonderful friends....which includes you, too, dear Reader.

Also - You can tell from the photos above that last weekend Dave and I cleaned out the "new" shed (now the ONLY shed) and Aaron moved it. What a procedure that was! The shed didn't want to move.

Aaron also moved the "tool" shed (i.e. composting toilet) up to JJ's nursery behind the chapel. Dave found just the right place for it among the white pines. It is perfect there. I hope you enjoy the photos of the moving outhouse.

So a lot is going on!  And not a moment too soon as I feel the change of seasons already beginning during this hot spell. Nature - and life - never stand still. On and on we go....

I'm having a wonderfully exciting summer. I hope you will join me, dear Reader, in celebrating the new improvements on the Land as they progress and are finished. Stop in and view them in person (just give me a call first) or watch them online. We'll have some lemonade or some wine when  you visit.

Enjoy these days of summer, dear Reader. Nighty-night!


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