Dear Reader,
The days go by faster and faster... How I have missed you!

The new garage (as you can tell from the title) is now called the Carriage House. It just does not resemble a garage very much any more.  I have lots of pictures for you to view as Mark and Michael his brother, and two Amish young men (Josh and Rubin) built the carriage house as far as the siding, which still remains to be done.
Photos 14 and 15 show the view out of the two dormer windows. The last row of pictures show Chris putting electric to the carriage house with help (?) from Dave and visitor, Bruce, from Alaska. Then, Dave puts in the flooring in the new bathroom in the cottage, and last but not least, Steve and Dave work on the vanity for the bathroom. Yep! Now I have a complete bathroom in the cottage and you're welcome to visit me anytime to check it out, dear Reader.

I have some corrections to make. I said that Rick was the first to send in a dollar for building the house-on-the-hill, and that is not true. My friend, Linda Turner, in Santa Barbara, CA sent a dollar to me (via the mail) which I have framed in my living room. Rick was the first one to send a dollar through my website (and Paypal). Sorry about that, Linda!

Regarding the cement fiasco,  it was pointed out to me  by a reliable source that Otterbach did not receive any cement from the I-39 project. Rather, he received all those truck loads of cement from a previous huge hog farm. So I hope I have made all my corrections so you are up to date, dear Reader.

The days are finally turning colder, and soon the carriage house will be finished. Mark and his family are expected back this week to complete the building. He's done a great job.

On another note, we had a "micro burst" the other day and pieces of steel roofing and 2x4's were thrown all around. One 24 foot piece of steel roofing impaled itself on my cottage. Dave could hardly pull it out! He said the rowboat down by the pond (and lying facing down) was pulled straight up on it's end and then thrown several feet away. It was scary and awesome at the some time. (see photos below)

This afternoon, Kyle and Jeff came over with the skid loader and shifted the small shed into it's new place, so it's not in the way of the new garage (a.k.a. carriage house) any more. Yippee!

The last photo shows me starting to paint around the new door that replaced the garage door on the cottage. You'll see more photos of that door in future blogs. It's a beaut!

It's getting late. Nighty-night, dear Reader!


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