How quickly the days pass, dear Reader! And so much is going on! I've had the shower installed, the pressure tank and  furnace installed, and a new water heater installed. Rochelle Dry Wall  dry walled the bathroom and part of the garage which is now the utility room.  How easy it was to paint after such a professional dry wall job!  The toilet has actually been working (!), but has been taken out again to lay the floor.  Water and electric lines were put in as you can see by all the piled-up dirt! And, and, and.....Mark Campbell and his girls have started the new garage!

I just returned from 4 days in Door County to find an overwhelming new structure sitting across from the cottage. Oh, my, it's tall! But I love it!

Oh, and then there are the elderberries I've been picking and destemming. The winery owner will come next week to pick up all the elderberries at my house and at Alice Zeman's house.

I know you've heard it before but I'll say it again - There is a lot going on here! It almost takes my breath away! What a thrill to meet caring, honest people who really love what they do.  How happy I am!

I shall collapse now, dear Reader, but know I am thinking of you even when I can't find the time to write.



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