The great weather continues. How can we be so fortunate? What a autumn we are having!

Ihave some photos of Chris and Smitty visiting The Land. Chris caught a large catfish while Chris Henkel was here working on the electric, and Dave was working on the insulation in the new-to-be library. Smitty is holding the cat. Later, Smitty caught a crappie. By the end of the day they had caught around 100 fish. Enjoy the photos! 

Above, I've also included some photos of the lake and also the big brushpile fire we had. Too bad Smitty wasn't there! I have many more  brushpiles waiting for ice fishing days!

I tried to include some photos from Chris and Smitty's trip to Canada, but I can not seem to get to them. Ah...a computer wizard I am not!

My John Deere little tractor came back all repaired and ready for the few times I will use it this year...and ready for next spring. My new garage is already filled with too many tractors!

Enjoy this gorgeous weather, dear Reader! Halloween is coming and cold November will be right behind!


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