Monday morning: Cold!

Today is our first morning frost. The Land looks so peaceful as the sun rises in the sky to warm us once again. Everyday I am grateful for this beautiful place and my new carriage house.

Weebly (the originator of this site) asked me to categorize my site. I chose "educational" and "informational."  I feel that I share with you the beauty of living out in the country, and maintaining my land organically. This is a calling I've had all my life and its fun to tell you about it. This summer became more complicated with the building of the garage (now carriage house) but it's still the same lovely acreage - even better. Dear Reader, I hope you agree. Soon I will be putting the gardens to bed for the winter.

Chris and Smitty returned to the Land yesterday for a little fishing. Didn't catch much, but loved the new carriage house. It was great to have them here again. The pond is low (pretty typical for a dry fall), and how I would love to have a drag line cleaning it out! But resources went into the carriage house as you can tell from the photos. Please, dear Reader, if you have any suggestions of how I can use the carriage house (for a higher calling) let me know. Smitty suggested a "man cave" complete with big screen TV and comfy sofas, (doesn't that sound just like Smitty?) but I am thinking  (ahem) of something a little  bit different. What...I'm not quite sure. In the meantime, it may be a warming spot for Chris and Smitty!

It's already been a campsite for 5 little girls and Mark Campbell as you can tell from the welcome sign and set up I made for them. The girls left me the sweetest thank you note, calling themselves the "Sawdust Girls," and urging their father to build them a cabin like mine.

Jeff and Kyle came over to move the little shed into place. This really helps complete the trilogy of cottage, shed and carriage house. I finally have a new working sink in the kitchen...can  you believe it?  Also a new door in the library (where the old garage door was in the cottage). And a lovely NEW garage door I painted to match the siding on the carriage house. And last but not least, a new gravel driveway to the carriage house. There's still some work to do on the heating in the cottage, but most of the plumbing is done. Mark and Josh (the Amish young man) will be back this week to finish up the carriage house...just in time for the cold weather. Life is good.

Much more to do here in the cottage, but we're making progress. Hopefully today we'll finish putting in a new floor for the library and start building the wall between the laundry room and the library. We're on the home stretch. And what a difference it has made!

 I still have the woodstove and it's putting out some delicious heat right now. It will help immensely with the heat. Much is to be said for having forced air heat, but nothing compares to the real warmth of wood heat.

Back to work, my dear Reader....back to work. It's been great talking with you and I hope I have more time to do so, although I feel it won't be until the deep winter!

Enjoy the pictures! The little wicker child settee is waiting for Olivia (my grand niece-in-law) and her brothers (Gavin and Jake)  to return. Hurry back, kids! I spray painted it last week when it was warm. It's adorable!

The last photo is the carriage house as it looks this morning.

Have a great week, dear Reader, as the weather warms up again. We are so fortunate! 



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