Dear Reader,
I haven't talked with you for so long, but that doesn't mean I haven't thought of you. It's just been quite a busy time as I get ready for winter - outside the cottage AND inside, too. The Christmas wreaths are on the gates (see photos above).

 The library (the former garage) is almost finished (although I still haven't purchased the flat screen TV yet. I keep waiting for an incredible bargain!  (see second row of photos)

But the best news - at least for the avid fishermen who we know best as "Chris and Smitty." There is actually ice on the pond! It started forming a thin layer a few days ago. With the rain coming, it may all disappear again, but hey! we know it won't be long before ice fishing begins! I had to share this good news with you!

The kitchen and old living area of the cottage has all been redone. I now have my antique harvest table in the kitchen, and a "hired hand's bed" by the windows. The sofa has been moved to the library where it  has a beautiful view of the lake. In fact, all the windows of the cottage have beautiful views. I am so fortunate, indeed!

November is almost over. One of my goals is to write more often in December. Life is so good here on The Land, and I love to share it all with you, dear Reader! Enjoy the photos!


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