Dear Reader,
Let the winds (up to 55 mph!) howl! I can't even find the words to tell you how comfy and cozy I feel here in my newly redone cottage. Every view from every window is spectacular. It's such a neat little cottage.  The first photo above shows the cottage a few days ago in the sunshine. Look at those icicles!

The library has a new addition - a huge Visio 47 inch TV. Dave helped me with it, and we just had to sit down and watch Chevy Chase's "Christmas Vacation" on it. The TV seems really great, but how am I to know when I really haven't watched TV in over 10 years? Nothing like having one's own movie room, however.  Hopefully soon Dave and I will put up some shelving for my books, and finish the library.

Christmas is almost upon us, and I have done so little to prepare! All this snow definitely has me in the mood for Christmas. Today I'm working on decorating the inside of the cottage for Christmas, and maybe making some sugar cookies. It's always a treat to be snowbound.

Where are the two famous ice fishermen? I'm afraid the ice, snow and blizzard conditions have kept them away. I don't blame them. Perhaps later this week they will check out the ice!

The last two photos above are of the winter conditions today. Unfortunately you can not heard the roaring wind and see the snow whipping by. Just imagine it, please, dear Reader.

Yesterday, before the rains started, I met (in Bloomington) the owner of the winery in southern Illinois who buys the elderberries I pick at the end of summer. The berries have been frozen all this time. Alice Zeman in Paw Paw lets me use her freezer for most of them. I had about 50 more pounds here. It was good to deliver them to Matt. Elderberry wine is Lau-Nae Winery's speciality and I enjoy being part of the wine making .

I hope you are safe and warm, and enjoying a day at home as the blizzard howls outside. Cozy tidings to you, dear Reader!


12/13/2010 10:35

Well we were on our way yesterday and were almost to Compton and went around the curve there before Compton and it was bad so we said not worth it this week. Turned around and went home was so bummed but there is always this coming weekend. So hope to see you on Sunday stay warm!



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