Dear Friends,
One thing nice about the freezing weather is...I haven't left the Land in two days, so I have much more time to write you. Speaking of writing, thanks to Smitty for commenting on my last blog. I can completely understand why you didn't make it out to fish! It was pretty horrific on Sunday. Hope to see you this next weekend, Smitty and Chris!

I bought a live Christmas tree which is just outside my windows. Because it's out of the wind, I decided to feed the birds by it.  (See photo #1)  They like being fed and taken care of - don't we all?

Well, folks, my carriage house has some major leaks in it, and I'm getting a bit perturbed by the lack of response  from the builder. I walked upstairs to the second floor and what did I see? Snow!

I shoveled up an entire bucket of snow from the second floor around both dormers and on the third floor from the vent on the north side of the carriage house. Dave says he will be over to cover the vent so that doesn't happen again. But the dormers shouldn't have let any snow in, and there was lots! All over my books, etc. I tried to lift up the pail that is collecting the rain that drips in, (which shouldn't happen either) and it was frozen to the floor. Something better give soon! (And it better not be my floor!) This is not acceptable. (See photos above.)

Okay, I've vented enough and feel much better. All things work out in time. And I never forget how beautiful the Land is, and how fortunate I am to live in such a paradise! I've really enjoyed my humble cottage these last few days.  Come to think of it, I've always enjoyed my humble cottage. It's an awesome way to live!

I will sign off now and trot up to bed. I do hope you are warm, dear Reader. We'll think of this next July!


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