Merry Christmas, dear Reader!
The days have gone by so quickly, getting ready for Christmas and all.
Yesterday and today have been two fantastic days of Christmas with Angela's family in Park Ridge.  It is so good to see Jeff and Angela again, and her entire family. It was a perfect Christmas in the "burbs. I am so fortunate to have such a beautiful and sweet daughter-in-law. I love Angela's entire family!

The photos above show Jeff and Angela. They hadn't seen each other for several days (Angela flew in early to be with her family, and I picked Jeff up yesterday at O'Hare). The other Christmas photos show Gavin, Jake, and Olivia opening presents early this morning. It was quite a sight! So many gifts! Lots of Legos for the boys and Cinderella ballgowns and all kinds of dress up gowns for Olivia. She is such a doll! The last two photos show Angela's diamond necklace from Jeff, and Jeff's Patagonia winter jacket from Angela...and kissing again!

I was going to stay another night in Park Ridge, but decided to return earlier than expected  because I wasn't sure how much snow had piled up while I was away (I am now digging out, but it isn't too bad).   Imagine my surprise when I found 11 plus holes in the ice this afternoon around 2:30PM. Chris and Smitty, were you out early this morning to ice fish? If so, you were very active, I must say! Or if not, then aliens or flying muskrats have been quite active! Ten holes were on the east side of the lake - with 6 holes south of the bee hives. I saw one hole on the  west side by the bench (see last photos, above), but I didn't walk any further to see if there were more holes. I figure 11 fishing holes were enough to count!  The last 3 photos seem to show a square hole (those industrious muskrats!) but if you look closely you can see the ice hole is actually round.

This isn't the first time this week I have found open holes. Chris and Smitty were out last Saturday and Sunday for the inaugural ice fishing season. On Wednesday morning when I woke up I found more open holes on the east side of the lake. They had been made during the night and were just closing up as I photographed them. So, this year I have some very active fishermen or muskrats or flying fish or something.

It's good to be back in my own little paradise getting ready for Jeff and Angela's visit out here. I have lots to do! It is so beautifully white here, and so peaceful. How can anyone be more fortunate than I am? And how I appreciate all I have!

This coming week is the time to make New Year's Resolutions - always trying hard to be realistic and not break them. For me, it's a good week to reflect on all that has been accomplished - in life as well as what has transpired this past active summer! Such a lot has been accomplished, it still takes my breath away!

Dear Reader, I hope you have had a blessed Christmas, and look  forward to the New Year.



12/25/2010 18:40

Jane we have not been out since last weekend we will have to look at the holes for you and see if someone has been coming out there while you are gone or sleeping. Might be out tomorrow sometime.



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